2 Products That Will Help Your Mood Under Stress


In our modern day world, it seems too easy to get caught up in the daily worries, to allow them to consume us. It seems like we don’t have enough time to stop and slow down either, just wearing ourselves out. Ultimately, this leads to an abundance of stress. Many times stress doesn’t just negatively affect your mood, though that becomes the most visible side effect. Stress also negatively affects the way your brain and body work. So it is important to try to control your stress.

We know that stepping away from solving all the world’s problems is easier said than done. Instead of handling stress with alcohol, drugs, or emotional instability, we have a better recommendation. These two supplements have been shown in studies to help support your mood under stress. Try them along with practicing a healthy diet and regular exercise.


Tyrosine is a supplement that is known to support the brain, adrenals, and thyroid, especially when coping with stress or intense mental strain. When stressed, your brain is depleted of DA and NE. So emotional intensity or stress stimulates the adrenals to release NE (norepinephrine), and E (epinephrine, adrenaline) that they make from NE. This NE helps the brain cope with the challenge. The adrenals also rely on DA (neurotransmitters dopamine) for their normal stress response. The healthy adrenal function requires ample l-tyrosine to sustain their production of DA, NE and E in order to support the brain under stress.

To see if supplementing with Tyrosine could help with the body’s responses to stress a study was performed. In a double-blind clinical trial, a 2-gram dose of tyrosine helped undergrad students perform better at multitasking, to “make the right choices” under mental challenge.


Our intestines hold trillions of bacterial cells that contribute to our overall health and wellbeing. We may not always realize it but our gut and our brain are connected. When your digestion is not working properly, it affects the way you think, feel, and vis-versa. In a clinical trial, the same 2 strains of probiotics found in ProBrainBiotics, when taken for 30 days, was found to promote a healthy mood and provide a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal symptoms experienced by individuals affected by chronic stress. They also assisted in coping with occasional anxiety, likely related to occasional stress. Probiotics will also help your brain and body by:

  • Promoting positive mood and emotional balance
  • Promoting healthy digestion
  • Supporting mental focus while doing intense work
  • Supporting a healthy response to everyday stress

You can learn to manage your stress, but you can’t control everything and stress will happen. Arm your brain with the nutrients that are shown to help support your body and your mood when under stress, try Tyrosine and ProBrainBiotics.