Date: December 2021


How is stress affecting your life? Ask yourself these questions: Do I often feel overwhelmed? Is it difficult for me to relax? Does my mind race with anxious or stressful thoughts? Do I often get irritated with those around me? Is it hard for me to handle life’s ups and downs? If you answered “y

You’ve probably seen one of the many survival guides while perusing the shelves of a bookstore or browsing online. These books address a diverse array of topics ranging from wilderness survival to tips for staying alive during a zombie apocalypse. Did you ever wish you had a holiday survival guide

“You are what you eat!” Though it’s become trite from overuse, this common expression may be more accurate than you realize. Medicine or Poison? Food is medicine or it’s poison. The foods you eat each day can play a vital role in your overall health. Not only can making healthier choices in