Date: August 2022


Looking for ways to eat healthier? It can be a challenge in today’s world. A major part of the problem involves the quality of the nutrients you derive from the foods you eat. This is largely, but not entirely, influenced by your diet. Though there are myriad diets in our society, many people fall

In our fast-paced world, many people have tried different ways to increase their energy. When energy levels become depleted, some try a quick fix to combat fatigue and boost their energy. Unhealthy Ways to Increase Energy Unfortunately, many of the things people do to boost their focus and energy en

When college students take the summer off from their rigorous academic workload, the brain gets a much-needed rest – but it also may lose a bit of its sharpness. Indeed, there’s a phenomenon known as the summer “brain drain” where students lose some of what they learned during the academic y

Perhaps you’ve heard of the essential vitamin folate (aka vitamin B9). But what’s the difference between folate and methylfolate? And what’s folic acid? It can be a bit confusing, so let’s unpack each of these and see how they relate to each other. What’s the Difference Between Folate, Fol

Getting enough healthy fats in your diet can have lasting benefits for your health. One of the best sources of healthy fats is omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 Basics Omega-3s are vital for our nerve cells and other brain cells to make and maintain the trillions of connections that our brain uses for in