Inside Calm My Brain: An Interview With Integrative Medicine Expert Dr. Parris Kidd


According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, over 40 million adults in the U.S. and approximately 7% of children aged 3-17 experience anxiousness each year. If you experience anxiousness, you know that it can have a crippling effect on your productivity and well-being. Calm My Brain was scientifically formulated by BrainMD’s Dr. Parris Kidd, working with CEO Dr. Daniel Amen, to specifically target this problem.

Inside Calm My Brain | Natural Anxiety Supplement by BrainMD

 With generous daily doses of magnesium – 100 mg per serving (as citrate, malate, glycinate, and threonate in equal amounts), the ashwagandha standardized root extract KSM-66® – 600 mg per serving, and l-theanine – 400 mg per serving, no other brand offers a formula for anxiousness as effective and meticulously researched as this one.

An Inside Look At Calm My Brain 

Today we’re joined by Dr. Parris Kidd for a master class on Calm My Brain: what it does, how it works, who it’s for, and if it’s right for you. In his deep dive, he breaks down the clinical research that directed his careful ingredient selection, shares the science behind why you can feel the benefits – calm and relaxation (potentially within just minutes) and in the longer term, less anxiousness and lowered levels of the stress hormone cortisol – and reveals other BrainMD supplements that can make Calm My Brain work even better. 

Class is in session, and this is one you don’t want to miss.

An Interview With Integrative Medicine Expert Dr. Parris Kidd

BrainMD: Why did you develop Calm My Brain? 

Kidd: I monitor the clinical and other scientific research on nutrients and herbals very carefully, and I noticed that the evidence that certain ingredients could improve anxiousness had reached a breakthrough point. It had become very clear that dietary supplementation can be used to relieve feelings of anxiousness. For some people the action may be quite rapid. 

The BrainMD science team brings a new supplement to the marketplace when – and only when the clinical trial research has reached consensus that the ingredients have a very good chance to work for a specific brain benefit. BrainMD follows the science and acts on it responsibly and ethically. And what better time to tackle anxiousness, than now?


BrainMD: BrainMD is known for its science-based formulas and high-quality ingredients. Can you discuss how you selected the three ingredients found in Calm My Brain?

Kidd: This concept grew and matured in my mind for over 3 years. I used my science training and my 38 years’ experience with supplements to laser-focus on the clinical track records of the most promising ingredients. I reviewed ALL the clinical trials to determine the benefits and the overall strength of the evidence – animal and “test-tube” studies don’t cut it. 


BrainMD: You reviewed more than 50 scientific resources and clinical studies during the research and development stage of formulating this product. Do you have any advice for people at home trying to do their own research when shopping for supplements? Is there anything consumers should look out for?

Kidd: Actually, I reviewed literally hundreds of clinical trials, other clinical research, and other scientific background on at least 60 potential ingredients. I made sure BrainMD used the best ingredients – identical to those used in the clinical trials. It’s very important that we educate consumers that supplements work best when they’re grounded in actual science. 


BrainMD: Calm My Brain is unique in that it can provide calming relief from anxiousness within the first 40-60 minutes. What makes this supplement so fast-acting?

Kidd: The very generous dose of l-theanine. In human brain studies it boosted alpha wave activity, which is linked to calm and relaxation. The most anxious persons showed the most alpha-activation. The trials suggest many individuals may experience improvement within 2 weeks.   


BrainMD: Aside from increased calm and relaxation, what else can you expect from taking Calm My Brain?

Kidd: Lowering of that feeling of being stressed, including when you’re engaged in mentally challenging tasks – a tough work project, for example, or an academic exam. The stress hormone, heart rate, other stress indicators all may improve. High-anxiety students may experience less stress and sharpened focus – begin on it 2-3 weeks prior to your exams.  


BrainMD: Is it best to take Calm My Brain every day or intermittently for occasional support and relief?

Kidd: This supplement, like others, should be taken daily. Supplements are not drugs. KSM-66 ashwagandha and magnesium have important dimensions of benefit in addition to the potential rapid action of l-theanine, but take days to weeks to develop their greatest benefits. I settled on these 3 ingredients to optimize the ongoing benefits from Calm My Brain.

More than half all Americans aren’t getting sufficient magnesium from their foods. Also, many use popular over-the-counter or prescription meds that deplete magnesium. Ashwagandha is highly revered in the East, and its KSM-66 extract consistently improves anxiousness, stress, mood, and sleep quality. It also reduced food cravings, which improved weight management.


BrainMD: What are the long-term benefits of taking this product every day?

Kidd: ​​Greater resistance to becoming anxious, apprehensive or otherwise fearful, particularly when in stressful situations. Better sleep quality is also a strong possibility.


BrainMD: Which supplements do you suggest pairing with Calm My Brain? Are there any other supplements that improve its efficacy? 

Kidd: I strongly urge everyone that it’s crucial for their overall wellbeing to take a science-based multiple vitamin-mineral and a highly concentrated fish oil. The best of these provide the nutrients that are the “nuts and bolts” of our capacity to make and utilize life energy. BrainMD’s NeuroVite Plus and Omega-3 Power are the best in these categories. If you’re really struggling with anxiousness and also having mood problems, I recommend adding in Happy Saffron Plus, another excellent product from my collaboration with Dr. Amen. If severe stress is exacerbating the anxiousness problem, try adding Everyday Stress Relief. If your sleep problems are relatively severe, add in Put Me To Sleep


BrainMD: Calm My Brain is great for adults and children with anxiousness, people challenged by food cravings related to stress, anyone with nervous tension, elderly individuals, people who have trouble sleeping or difficulty winding down in preparation for going to sleep, and those low in magnesium. Is there anyone that shouldn’t take Calm My Brain? 

Kidd: No one I can think of. Practically everyone can benefit from the highest-grade magnesium in this supplement, especially since so many other brands have magnesium oxide which is very poorly absorbed. This product has no common (or rare) allergens and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


BrainMD: As an integrative medicine expert, can you make other recommendations for people coping with stress and anxiousness? 

Kidd: Sure. Whether it’s people in your life who are increasing your level of stress, a bad job situation, or some other mental burden you’ve had for a long time, face up to the situation. Get professional help if you can – many community organizations can assist with the financial cost. Meditation or even brief periods of “emptying” your mind during the day can be helpful. 


Thank you, Dr. Kidd. With all the stress and worry out there, this product has the potential to help millions. 

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