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9 Health Benefits of Running & How to Start

  We were built to run. Researchers believe that the shape of our bodies evolved to make us extraordinary endurance runners, which helped us to both chase prey to exhaustion and evade predators. Also, our tendency to sweat helps our bodies dissipate heat. Our spring-like Achilles’ tendons and strong leg...


How to Ditch Diet Culture & Improve Your Relationship with Food

  When you’re striving for a healthy lifestyle, you may know some of the basics: eat well, exercise, avoid smoking and excessive alcohol, etc. However, something more subtle is at work when it comes to adopting and maintaining a realistic, healthy lifestyle…it’s your mindset. How you think about and arrive...

Best Joint Health Supplements & Nutrients | BrainMD

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9 Healthy Nutrients That Can Help Support Your Joints

  Do your knees pop every time you stand up? Do you experience discomfort in your joints when you walk or run? Pain in the joints is common, especially as we age. For some, taking a medication, topical agent, joint support supplement, or wearing a brace might help. Others may...

How to Set Boundaries with Friends & Family | Tips for Setting Boundaries in Relationships

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Setting Boundaries in Relationships & How to Avoid the People Pleasing Trap

  Setting boundaries with the people we love is powerful. It’s also difficult. Yet, this necessary act is ultimately what allows for healthy, loving relationships. What Are Boundaries? Quite simply, they’re the limits and needs we define for ourselves and express within relationships to feel safe, healthy, and comfortable. Setting...

How to Sharpen Memory with Brain Training Exercises | BrainMD

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7 Brain Hacks That Can Help Sharpen Your Memory

  Despite what many healthcare practitioners would have you believe, losing your memory or developing mental fog in your forties, fifties, sixties, or even seventies isn’t normal – it’s a sign of trouble. Serious memory loss isn’t inevitable with advancing age. If you’re experiencing memory problems, early intervention is key...

How & What to Recycle in Your Area | BrainMD

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Tips for How to Recycle: Learn What & How to Recycle in Your Area

  It has been said that “recycling turns things into other things, which is like magic.” In the U.S., we need to work more of this magic. These statistics from the Environmental Protection Agency speak volumes: Of the world’s 2.12 billion tons of municipal waste generated each year, the U.S....

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How Grounding Can Help You Feel Less Stressed & More Balanced!

    Did you know the Earth is like a giant battery? The surface of the Earth has an electrical charge (a negative one). Since this natural, electrical energy comes from the ground, electrical systems must be “grounded” for safety purposes. Dangers of Being Ungrounded One of the main jobs...

Best Omega-3 Supplements: Krill Oil, Fish Oil, or Flaxseed Oil?

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Krill Oil, Fish Oil, Flaxseed Oil: Which Omega-3 Is Best?

  Getting enough healthy fats into your diet can have lasting benefits for your health. Many health problems are linked to low healthy fat consumption. This is because healthy fats have an important role in reducing unhealthy inflammatory status in the body. In this article, we’ll discuss the role of...

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How to Eat Seasonally | Some of the Best Summer Fruits and Vegetables!

  Eating seasonally is a popular concept among the sustainability-minded. Followers of this eating style say that consuming in season produce isn’t only more nutritious, but is also better for the economy, environment, and society. This practice isn’t merely relegated to trendy 20-something’s living on the coast carrying wicker baskets...

How to Be Positive | The Science Behind Positive Thoughts & Our Happiness | BrainMD


What Makes People More Positive Than Others?

  Thoughts are powerful. According to research by Dr. Fred Luskin of Stanford University, we have roughly 60,000 thoughts a day. Those thoughts can affect our brain chemistry. When we have positive thoughts or feel happy, the stress hormone cortisol decreases and the brain produces the hormone serotonin, which creates...