Help Your Kid Thrive at Home During a Pandemic


7 Ways to Help Your Kids Thrive While Staying at Home

  Schools have canceled the academic year. Businesses have shuttered their offices. And now you’re stuck at home with your teenage kids—24/7! How can you avoid getting on each other’s nerves and turn this pandemic into an opportunity for family growth? Try these 7 strategies to help you—and your teens—get...

How to Naturally Boost Your Immune System | BrainMD

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How to Naturally Boost Your Immune System During a Pandemic

  On a daily basis, we’re being assaulted with frightening news about the fast-spreading coronavirus pandemic. One study from researchers in the department of integrative biology at the University of Texas at Austin suggests that 70% of all counties in the U.S. will likely have epidemics. Social distancing and hand-washing...

How to Buy the Best Eggs: Cage-free, Free-range, Pasture-raised Eggs | BrainMD

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What to Look for When Purchasing the Best Quality Eggs

  Available in the dairy section of grocery stores, the oval, chicken-produced foods, are enjoyed throughout the year, particularly as a breakfast staple. Though their health benefits are often misunderstood, eggs have remained a popular food in the West, and many other places around the world. Complete Protein One of...

Calm Your Mind With GABA | BrainMD

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8 Simple Ways to Calm Your Mind During Stressful Times

  Feeling More Anxious Than Ever? Are you filled with anxious thoughts about COVID-19? Worried about your financial situation? Having trouble coping with self-isolation? You aren’t alone. Stress, fear, and panic are reaching unprecedented levels as this pandemic continues to spread throughout America and around the world. You may feel...

How to Choose a Multivitamin | BrainMD

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How to Choose a Multivitamin That’s Right For You

  Are you taking a multivitamin daily? If not, perhaps you’re unsure about the health benefits of multivitamins. Or maybe you’re overwhelmed and don’t know how to choose a multivitamin from the veritable sea of supplements that exist in the marketplace today. So how can you really know if you’re...

8 Best Tips for Working From Home

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How to Be Healthy and Productive While Working from Home

  Countless lives have been impacted by recent global events. One of the numerous ramifications of the present health crisis is that a significant portion of our nation’s workforce is now conducting business off-site. Many will find the adjustment to working from home to be disorienting, distracting, and isolating. As...

Saffron Supplements that Make You Happier


Did You Know That Saffron Can Make You Happy?

  Saffron Supplements: Did You Know They Can Help You Feel Happier? What makes you happy? Is it a place you often visit? Or chatting with a friend for hours on end? Or is it a favorite food or activity? Many things can provide happiness in our lives. Unfortunately, there...

How to Manage Anxiety and Stress During a Pandemic

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What Are Some of the Best Ways to Manage Anxiousness?

  Occasional anxiety and stress are a normal part of life. But sometimes unexpected circumstances arise that prove to be anything but normal. During these periods of uncertainty, it’s easy to give in to fear and worry. When people have too much stress in their life, they often turn to...

Benefits of Therapy Lamps | BrainMD

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Therapy Lamps: A Natural Way to Boost Your Energy and Mood

  Do you feel like you don’t have enough energy to get through the day? Is it hard to finish things once you’ve started them? Have you lost your zest for life? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you may have low energy. Low Energy It isn’t...

Top Foods for Better Sleep | BrainMD

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Here Are Some of the Best Foods for Sleep

  What keeps you up at night? The list of reasons why people miss out on a good night’s sleep is extensive. According to the Institute of Medicine (US) Committee on Sleep Medicine and Research, as many as 70 million Americans have ongoing sleep problems that interfere with their daily...