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Thanksgiving Nutrition Tips 1

Thanksgiving Nutrition Tips to Help You Have a Healthy Holiday!

  What’s your favorite part of the Thanksgiving meal? Is it the turkey? The mashed potatoes? The dessert table? If you had to guess, how many calories do you consume during a Thanksgiving meal?...
Epigenetic Basics 1

Epigenetics Basics: Some of the Best Ways to Boost Your Health

  Humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes in most of their cells, one set coming from each parent. Chromosomes package up the DNA and are located in the nucleus of each cell. Each chromosome...
Anatomy of the Brain 1

Anatomy of the Brain: How Well Do You Know Your Brain?

  How well do you know your brain? As the executive control center of the entire body – and the supervisor of every thought, mood, memory, and action – your brain makes you who...
Brain-smart Herbs and Spices 1

Here’s How to Flavor Your Foods with Brain-Smart Herbs and Spices

  It’s easy to forget that herbs and spices aren’t just flavor enhancers for food, but promoters of good health too. These plant-derived seasonings have a long history of medicinal applications that you can...
Start the Day with Healthy Granola | How to Make Healthy Granola at Home

Simple Tips to Making Healthy Granola at Home + Recipe Included!

  Granola Secrets to Power Your Brain, Body and Tastebuds! Did you know that granola was invented by a doctor more than 150 years ago? It’s true. In 1863, Dr. James Caleb Jackson, of...
How to Have a Brain Healthy Diet | Healthy Eating Tips | BrainMD

This Is the Best Diet for Your Brain

  Have you ever struggled to maintain a diet? We’ve all been there. Maybe you do a good job of staying on your meal plan during the week, but struggle to keep it up...
Top Nutrition Tips to Get Healthy | BrainMD

How to Fuel Your Brain & Body for Optimal Performance

  The war for your health is won or lost in your brain. You must do everything you can to take care of your brain. To accomplish that, you need to be a Brain...
Best Foods to Increase Blood Flow and Circulation | BrainMD

Best Foods to Increase Blood Flow & Circulation

  The human body has an average of 60,000 miles of blood vessels. Mind-boggling, isn’t it? Your body’s vast network of blood vessels facilitate the flow of blood, which brings nutrients and oxygen to...
Best Memory Boosting Foods | BrainMD

Top Memory Boosting Foods to Eat Every Day

  A recent government report found that one in nine Americans aged 45 and older say they’re experiencing cognitive decline, which includes memory loss. While frequent memory lapses or brain fog may be common...
How to Kick Sugar Cravings with Fish Oil

How to Kick Your Sugar Habit Using Fish Oil

  You don’t have to be eating decadent cakes, processed candies, sugary sodas, and pints of ice cream to be eating large amounts of sugar, commonly in the form of corn syrup. You might...