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Calming Foods to Relieve Stress | What to Eat & Avoid With Anxiety & Stress | BrainMD

Avoid These Foods When You Feel Anxious or Stressed

  Many people would do just about anything to alleviate their stress and worry. This kind of desperation can lead to making rash decisions, which can have potentially dire consequences on overall health and...
What is L-theanine? Natural Supplements for Stress

What Is L-theanine and How Can It Help Me?
Medically Reviewed by Dr. Paris Kidd

  Would you be interested in a natural plant substance that can reduce stress and worry while improving mood, focus, memory, and mental alertness? Meet l-theanine! What Is L-theanine? L-theanine is a unique amino...
GABA for Sleep | Benefits of GABA | GABA Supplements

How to Naturally Increase GABA for Better Sleep

How to Achieve Restful Sleep With GABA Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a natural, mental, and physical “off” switch to downshift your brain and body at the end of the day? In these...
Best Calming Nutrients for Stress | BrainMD

6 Calming Nutrients You Should Get Each Day

  It’s estimated that your brain has as many as one hundred billion nerve cells, with each one connected to other cells by thousands of individual connections. They communicate using electrical signals and messenger...
Calm Your Mind With GABA | BrainMD

8 Simple Ways to Calm Your Mind During Stressful Times

  Feeling More Anxious Than Ever? Are you filled with anxious thoughts about COVID-19? Worried about your financial situation? Having trouble coping with self-isolation? You aren’t alone. Stress, fear, and panic are reaching unprecedented...