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Healthy Lunch Ideas | Buddha Bowls with Quinoa | BrainMD

5 Dietitian-Recommended Healthy Lunches to Try This Summer

  Lunchtime can be a busy time of the day. Many days, you may look forward to the midday break. Other days, you may put it off for as long as you can stand...
How to Make Healthy Salad That Tastes Good | BrainMD

How to Make a Salad You’ll Actually Want to Eat

Often hailed as the epitome of healthy eating, salads are a great way to get more veggies into your diet. Unfortunately, they’re often bland, which doesn’t make them very exciting to eat. What you...
Health Trends in the Last 20 Years | BrainMD

A Look Back at the Health Trends of the Last 20 Years

  Anyone remember Y2K? Anxieties over widespread computer failure produced mass hysteria in our country. Many feared the end of the world. Others made a fortune off those fears (even Hollywood actors jumped on...