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Retrain Your Taste Buds 1 | BrainMD

5 of the Best Ways to Retrain Your Taste Buds

  Many are aware that the food industry works overtime to make unhealthy products irresistible to consumers. Marketing or Brainwashing? Consider the slogans on food packaging and TV/internet ads: “I’m lovin’ it” “They’re gr-r-reat!”...
Lose in the New Year 1 | BrainMD

Here’s What You Should Lose in the New Year (Not Just Pounds!)

  The New Year offers an irresistible opportunity to make a fresh start. Of course, this fuels a number of well-intentioned New Year’s resolutions, the most common being to lose weight or bad habits...
Power Outage 1

Don’t Be Left in the Dark: 10 Power Outage Prep Tips

  Aside from the inconvenience, one of the worst things about a power outage is that it can happen at any time. This is especially true if you live in an area frequently plagued...
Health Checks 1 | BrainMD

Start the New Year Off Right with These Health Checks

  The New Year is here! Now’s the time to get serious about your health goals. Regardless of which resolutions you made, optimizing brain and body is essential for kicking off the New Year…and...
Healthy Alternative Treat Recipes | BrainMD

4 Healthy Swaps For Your Favorite Winter Treats

On those cold winter days when you crave a cup of hot chocolate or a sweet treat but you don’t want all the sugar, we’ve got four healthy alternative recipes for you to try!...
Make Amends 1

Here’s How to Make Amends with Others

  As we anticipate holiday gatherings and the new year ahead, it’s an opportune time to consider our personal relationships. Do you have regrets about any interactions or conflicts with others? Do you owe...
Essential Oils

Essential Oils: A Natural Way to Manage Stress & Brighten Your Mood!

  How is stress affecting your life? Ask yourself these questions: Do I often feel overwhelmed? Is it difficult for me to relax? Does my mind race with anxious or stressful thoughts? Do I...
Power Nap 1 | BrainMD

Power Nap 101: Some of the Best Ways to Avoid an Afternoon Slump

  It’s no secret that Americans have trouble getting enough sleep. About 35% of U.S. adults fail to get the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep each night, and experts estimate about 50-70 million Americans...
Holiday Survival Guide 1 | BrainMD

Holiday Survival Guide: 10 Simple Ways to Have a Stress-free Holiday!

  You’ve probably seen one of the many survival guides while perusing the shelves of a bookstore or browsing online. These books address a diverse array of topics ranging from wilderness survival to tips...
Benefits of Green Tea | BrainMD

7 Unexpected Health Benefits of Green Tea

  Over the past decade, the popularity of green tea has exploded. Experts say that its touted health benefits are driving consumer demand. You can now find green tea on the menu at most...