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MCT Recipes 1

Here’s How to Cook with MCT Oil (Recipes Included!)

  The brain and body derive energy from many sources. One of the most potent sources of energy are the medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) from coconut oil. You’ll find high-quality, ultra-pure MCTs in BrainMD’s new...
Balance Your Hormones 1

Some of the Best Natural Ways to Balance Your Hormones

  Hormones are often associated with teenage angst and/or female menstrual-related moodiness. Yet, they’re involved in much more than reproductive and sexual maturing processes. They also control metabolism, appetite, development and growth, cognition and...
Stretching 1

Benefits of Stretching: Pre & Post Workout Stretches + Desk Stretches

  Much emphasis has been placed on exercising your body for health and longevity. The U.S. even makes a recommendation of how much exercise you should get each week. Yet, there’s no official national...
Gummy Vitamins vs Pills 1

What You Need to Know About Gummy Vitamins vs Pills

  What kind of supplements do you prefer? There are many types of supplements including capsules, tablets, chewables, powders, gummies, liquids, energy bars, and more. Is there a difference when it comes to quality,...
benefits-of-grounding 1

How Grounding Can Help You Feel Less Stressed & More Balanced!

    Did you know the Earth is like a giant battery? The surface of the Earth has an electrical charge (a negative one). Since this natural, electrical energy comes from the ground, electrical...
How to Get Better Sleep Naturally | BrainMD

7 Natural Ways to Get a Better Night’s Sleep

  Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a mental “off” switch you could flip every time you were ready to go to sleep? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could sleep eight hours...
Transform Your Life With These Top 4 Wellness Tips | BrainMD

Top 4 Wellness Tips to Transform Your Life

  A fresh new year offers an opportunity for transformation. It provides a little extra motivation for kickstarting new habits. What new healthy habits have you chosen this year? For inspiration, here are four...
Top Nutrition Tips to Get Healthy | BrainMD

How to Fuel Your Brain & Body for Optimal Performance

  The war for your health is won or lost in your brain. You must do everything you can to take care of your brain. To accomplish that, you need to be a Brain...
Benefits of Being an Early Riser | How to Become a Morning Person | BrainMD

6 Simple Ways to Become an Early Riser

What Are the Benefits of Being an Early Riser? Do you ever wake up super early and find that you really enjoy seeing the sunrise and having ample time to start your day? Maybe...
Morning Rituals Ideas & Tips to Boost Your Happiness | BrainMD

Morning Rituals to Boost Your Daily Happiness

  Do you wake up feeling energetic and excited about the day ahead, or with your finger glued to the snooze button? For many, it’s the latter, but maximizing your mornings can make a...