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Back in the Swing 1

Get Back Into the Swing of Things with These Self-Care Tips

  As we continue to make headway against the global pandemic, many have seen the loosening of restrictions and the gradual return to “normal” life. This has produced a wide array of reactions and...
How to Increase Your Happiness & Give Yourself Grace | Avoiding Perfectionism | BrainMD

How to Increase Your Happiness Long-term & Give Yourself Grace

  Do you worry that you’ll never be happy again? Maybe you feel stuck in a dead-end job, or you’re dealing with relationship issues. Or, perhaps spending a year at home has drained your...
How to Do Inner Work & Best Self-care Tips for Mental Health | BrainMD

How to Do Inner Work: 10 Self-care Tips to Empower and Inspire You

  When was the last time you did outer work? Outer work may involve consistent exercise, proper nutrition, and quality sleep. These healthy lifestyle factors address the physical elements of existence. However, there are...
Help Your Kid Thrive at Home During a Pandemic

7 Ways to Help Your Kids Thrive While Staying at Home

  Schools have canceled the academic year. Businesses have shuttered their offices. And now you’re stuck at home with your teenage kids—24/7! How can you avoid getting on each other’s nerves and turn this...