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Tips for How to Talk to Your Teen About Mental Health | BrainMD

Here’s How to Talk to Your Teen About Mental Health

  Having a conversation with your teen about mental health can be a touchy subject. Since stigma exists around mental health issues, your teen may have shameful or defensive feelings at the mere mention...
Tips for Distance Learning During COVID | BrainMD

12 Tips for Distance Learning & How to Help Your Child Thrive at Home

  They say home is where the heart is. During this unique moment in history, home is also where many families live, work, and go to school…together. With many of the nation’s schools closed...
Help Your Kid Thrive at Home During a Pandemic

7 Ways to Help Your Kids Thrive While Staying at Home

  Schools have canceled the academic year. Businesses have shuttered their offices. And now you’re stuck at home with your teenage kids—24/7! How can you avoid getting on each other’s nerves and turn this...