Brain Thrive by 25

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This comprehensive 12-part online course, designed by Psychiatrist Daniel G. Amen M.D. and Professor Dr. Jesse Payne, uses engaging videos with specific strategies where students will learn practical skills to enhance the functioning of their brains, so they can be more successful in school, work, relationships and health.

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Brain Thrive by 25 Course

Your brain is involved in everything you do and everything you are. When it works right, you work right, and when it’s troubled, you’re more likely to have trouble in your life.

Since the brain is still malleable until 25, the sooner you learn these powerful skills to care, nourish, protect and optimize your brain, the faster you will lay the building blocks to a future high-performing brain.

What You’ll Learn

  • • How to sharpen focus, learn faster and enhance memory skills with nutrition and exercise
  • • How the brain develops and runs everything in your life.
  • • How to avoid the not-so-obvious bad (brain) habits -- and replace them with good ones.
  • • How to apply the principles of brain optimization to master your health and success.

Class Materials

  • • 12 online video modules/lessons with downloadable slides
  • • Downloadable worksheets for each module
  • • 12 practical lab sessions
  • • Guided notes, activities, quizzes, detailed instructions and additional resources