Paperback - Change Your Brain, Change Your Body


In this book, Dr. Amen reveals his breakthrough approach that will allow you to harness your brain’s power to improve your body’s overall appearance and function.

In this book, Dr. Amen reveals his breakthrough approach that will allow you to harness your brain’s power to improve your body’s overall appearance and function. As his studies show, a healthy brain is the key to a better body and a better life. Your brain is the command and control center for your body, and your brain function is directly related to how your body looks, feels, and functions. If you want to lose the love handles, you have to get better frontal lobes. You want to say goodbye to all those headaches? You have to calm your brain. Turn back the clock and get rid of those wrinkles? You have to start by rejuvenating your brain.

When your brain isn’t functioning properly, that dysfunction manifests itself in your physical body. Because you can’t see your brain, however, you don’t do anything to fix the problem at its source, leading you to adopt quick fixes and temporary solutions that ultimately fail. In CHANGE YOUR BRAIN, CHANGE YOUR BODY, however, Dr. Amen takes you inside the brain to show you the ways in which you can harness its power to create the body you have always wanted. Whether you want to tighten your tummy, have younger-looking skin, boost your energy level, stop getting so many colds, or lower your blood pressure without having to take medicine, Dr. Amen’s eighteen easy-to-follow solutions will have you well on your way to success. Sample chapters include:

  • The Craving Solution — Use Your Brain to Increase Your Willpower and Calm the Urges That Prevent You From Achieving Your Goals
  • The Weight Solution — Use Your Brain to Achieve Your Optimal Weight
  • The Nutrition Solution — Feed Your Brain to Look and Feel Younger
  • The Focus and Energy Solution — Boost Your Energy to Stay on Track toward Your Goals
  • The Stress Solution — Relax Your Brain to Reduce Your Wrinkles and Improve Your Immune System
  • The Heart Solution — Use Your Brain to Strengthen and Soothe Your Heart

One size does not fit all, however, and CHANGE YOUR BRAIN, CHANGE YOUR BODY helps each individual reader navigate their brain to identify areas in need of improvement. Dr. Amen provides a customized, tailored approach to making positive changes, through treatments such as vitamin therapy, relaxation exercises, and physical activities, that will improve the way you look and feel. The brain controls everything you do: how you think, how you feel, how you act, and how you look. In order to get the body you have always wanted, your brain must work right and Dr. Amen shows you how to improve your brain’s health so you can have a better body.

In order to realize your goals in any area of life, your brain must work right and Dr. Amen shows you how to improve your brain’s health so that change can transcend into every facet of your life.

Change Your Brain, Change Your Body


“Dr. Amen jumps light years ahead of our normal conceptions of the mind-body connection, to show us exactly how what we do to our brains affects our bodies, and what we do to our bodies affects our brains. Change Your Brain, Change Your Body, takes the most exciting new science of the brain and turns in into a simple, clear plan for you to regain your health and give you back your life in ways you never thought possible. If you have brain or a body, read this book!!”

-Mark Hyman, MD, 4 times New York Times Bestselling Author including The UltraMind Solution, Fix Your Broken Brain by Healing Your Body First

“Change Your Brain, Change Your Body is an essential book for anyone trying to improve their body and their health. By blending cutting-edge research with his wealth of clinical experience, Dr. Amen has presented this material in a way that fully integrates what we know about the connection between the brain and body. Dr. Amen's unique perspective is a tremendous gift for so many seeking out how to achieve a better state of mind and health.”

-Andrew Newberg, MD, noted brain imaging researcher at the University of Pennsylvania and the author of How God Changes Your Brain

“Dan Amen continually demonstrates why he is truly one of the most original thinkers in medicine today. As he correctly points out in his newest book, Change Your Brain Change Your Body, the brain is the integration center that ultimately controls not only the way we think and feel, but also the way we look. More importantly, he provides the dietary advice that has been clinically demonstrated to improve brain function. If you want to optimize your life, this book is a must-read.”

-Barry Sears, author of The Zone

Change Your brain, Change Your Body is a marvelous book. As my wife and I read it, we learned new things about ourselves on nearly every page. We also thought, "As parents, we're so glad we're reading this." Highly readable, hard to put down, the book is packed with insight, information, and practical tools for the care of both adults and children.”

-Michael Gurian, Author of The Wonder of Girls and The Wonder of Boys

“Dr. Amen has been my source for a better brain for a long time. I have been a student and a fan, but this is new! If a ‘brain boost’ can give me a better body, I say bring it on!”

-Leeza Gibbons

“In this entertaining and user-friendly book, Dr Amen gives you a scientifically based, individualized plan for your own brain and body chemistry, helping you optimize every aspect of your health and well-being. No side effects-- only side benefits!”

-Hyla Cass, M.D. author of 8 Weeks to Vibrant Health (

“Dr. Amen's easy to read encyclopedia doesn’t tell you how to lose weight, it tells you why to lose weight and give you the tools to understand what you need to know to be healthy, happy, live longer, be more vital and clear thinking. A must read for my patients, my friends and my colleagues.”

-Mark Kosins, MD psychiatrist San Clemente CA

“Buy Change Your Brain: Change Your Body for yourself, the people you love and your physician. I am a compulsive overeater, and have bought thousands of dollars worth of books, tapes, and diet products to find that "secret" or "cure" to magically losing weight without success. The information in this book is helping me to make lasting changes, and has helped put together the missing pieces of my daily search for not only losing weight, but maintaining weight loss. This book can save your life, improve the quality of your life, and motivate you in helping those people that you love! ”

-Earl Henslin, PsyD, Author of This is Your Brain on Joy

“Dr. Amen's new book, Change Your Brain, Change Your Body, is a guided tour by a master through state of the art topics including body/mind integration, the need for hormonal optimization, and how to protect and maximize your brain, your heart, and your body. There are amazing suggestions, amply supported by medical science, about boosting your focus and energy, sleeping better, de-stressing your life, improving your memory, and stopping automatic negative thoughts that such out your motivation and keep you trapped. This is the definitive book integrating all aspects of brain health, functional medicine, and leading a top performing life with love, passion, focus, clarity, and persistent and robust health - not to mention an ideal weight as a happy byproduct along the way. I recommend it without reservation.”

-Louis B. Cady, M.D., Founder, CEO - Cady Wellness Institute