It’s the best kind of loyalty program.
Buy products, earn free money toward future purchases.
Interact with us, earn more money.


Become A Member And...

  • Every $1 spent earns 3 points
  • Redeem earned points for money off your next order
  • Earn points for creating an account
  • Shop during bonus reward periods for even more rewards
  • Stay tuned for more fun ways to earn & redeem points
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    $1 = 3 point

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100 points = $1 off


Do I have to be a member to earn rewards?

Yes, you must create a BrainMD customer account in order to be a member of our rewards program and earn/redeem rewards points.

Where can I see my points?

In your account dashboard under “Rewards Dashboard”

Do my points expire?

Rewards points do not expire.

How do I apply Brain Points to my Auto Delivery Orders?

Your points will be automatically applied on auto deliveries, and you will receive Brain Points that can be used on your next order.

Who do I contact if I have a question?

Please contact our customer care team with any questions! Reach them by phone at 888-850-5287 Mon-Fri 6am – 5pm PT.