The World's Most Potent

Vegan Omega-3 Supplement

100% Sustainable Plant-Based Algae • Ultra-Concentrated • Optimized EPA: DHA Ratio • As Powerful As Fish Oil

Expertly Formulated With Advanced Omega-3 Technology To Support



Promotes concentration and attention in adults*


Encourages a positive mood and emotional balance


Supports cardiovascular and circulatory health*


Boost Brain Health, memory and cognitive function*


Supports healthy development during pregnancy*


Protects against age-related skin damage*


Supports joint health and mobility*

As Effective as Fish Oil  (Without The Fish)

Vegan Omega-3 Power delivers a higher concentration of total omega-3s (1,100 mg per 2-softgel serving - in the natural triglyceride form) than any other vegan omega-3 supplement on the market. It rivals fish oil in potency but is significantly more sustainable.

It's also non-GMO, solvent-free soy-free, gluten-free, clean label, and manufactured under Aquaculture Stewardship Councel®(ASC) Chain of Custody.

Vegan Omega-3 Power Vs Leading Brands

More Potent Than Flax Oil, Chia Seed & Other Plant Sources of Omega-3s

Vegan Omega-3 Power features natural oil from marine algae - a direct source of vegan DHA and EPA.

Seeds such as flax, chia, and hemp contain the omega-3 alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), which must be coverted into EPA and DHA before the body can use the.

Unfortunately, the conversion rates of ALA to EPA and DHA are very low with an average 8% conversion to EPA and 0.5% to DHA. This means you would need to eat over a pound of flaxseed per day just to get half a gram (50mg) of DHA!

The First 

High EPA/DHA Algae Omega-3

"You asked for it, we created it — a powerful vegan version of our popular omega-3 supplements that delivers the EPA and DHA you need."

-Daniel G. Amen, CEO & Founder, BrainMD

The Next Generation of Omega-3s


Vegan Omga-3 Power utilizes advanced MSET Lipid technology and low-temperature process to prevent decomposition and oxidation

Created By The World's Leading Brain Doctor


CEO & Founder, BrainMD

Daniel G. Amen, MD is a child and adult psychiatrist, clinical neuroscientist, brain-imaging specialist, distinguished fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, multi-time New York Times bestselling author, and founder of Amen Clinics. Dr. Amen was named by Sharecare as the web’s #1 most influential mental health expert and advocate. Discover Magazine listed his research on SPECT as one of the top 100 stories in science for 2015, at #19.

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