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Daniel G. Amen, MD

CEO & Founder, BrainMD

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Happy Saffron

Happiness-boosting blend of saffron – the happiness super-spice – with curcumin and zinc

Omega-3 Power

Highly concentrated marine omega-3s promote daily health and vitality


Top-rated multivitamin, multi-mineral with 54 premium ingredients optimized for absorption

Kill The Ants Guide

Overcome negative thinking patterns with this practical guidebook. 

Brain Boost Cookbook

Brain-boosting recipes your whole family will love

Happiness Challenge

Dr. Amen’s 30 Day Happiness Challenge

Happiness Depends On The Health Of Your Brain

Balancing your brain with clinically sound nutrients can move you from a state of melancholy to feeling joyful and stress-free.


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The Ultimate Happiness Bundle

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Omega-3 Power $24.95 $17.99
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Kill The ANTS Guide $10.00 $00.00
10 Day Brain Boost Cookbook $19.95 $00.00
30 Day Happiness Challenge $49.00 $00.00
TOTAL PRICE $203.80 $89.95*

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"Happy Saffron Plus has been a godsend especially during this corona pandemic. Within a week of adding it to my Vitamin regimen I regained normalcy."

-   Mary H.

"It's really been helping me. I have stress and depression and I have really felt a big difference. I feel more relaxed and calm, more harmonious. I highly recommend it."


"I am a teacher and going back to school has been a brain buster!!! I have used HS and it really lifts my spirit and gives me not just energy, but also grit to press on during my long day!!"


"Happy Saffron Plus has been a godsend especially during this corona pandemic. Within a week of adding it to my Vitamin regimen I regained normalcy."

-   Mary H.

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Created By The World’s Leading Brain Doctor

Daniel G. Amen, MD

CEO & founder, BrainMD

As a psychiatrist and brain health expert, I know the blues can come with a whole array of other challenges like anxiousness, difficulty focusing, trouble sleeping, and low energy. That’s why my team of scientists and doctors at BrainMD and Amen Clinics developed Happy Saffron Plus. Its potential to improve mood, relieve feelings of anxiousness, and boost happiness is unlike anything I have seen in all my years of clinical practice.

I hope you will try this powerful supplement and enjoy, as I do, the benefits it can provide.