BrainMD Health Has Arrived!

“There is no question in my mind that nutraceuticals have powerful, positive effects on your brain. That’s why I started BrainMD Health.” – Daniel G. Amen, MD

BrainMD Health has arrived!

Founded by board-certified psychiatrist, clinical neuroscientist and brain imaging expert, Dr. Daniel Amen, BrainMD Health (formerly The Amen Solution) offers the very best research-based, brain-directed products to support your memory, mood, focus, stress relief, craving control, energy, sleep, weight – and so much more. BrainMD includes all the same winning formulas many of you have come to know and rely upon under The Amen Solution name, but now with a number of updates based on the very latest research to optimize benefits!

Our new BrainMD name more accurately reflects the professionalism and efficacy of our outstanding supplements, and you will find that the vibrant new packaging is simpler and easier to read.

On top of that, for regular and new visitors alike, our gorgeous new website incorporates several fresh features to make it easier for you to navigate and use!

A few highlights include:

  • Brand new, highly engaging product pages
  • A cutting-edge blog featuring articles and videos with brain health-related information and research
  • The timesaving ability to sign in directly from social networks with a mere click of a button.
  • A new trial program for Brain and Body Power! (coming in October)

There’s much more, of course. We encourage you to visit the new website and explore it for yourself!

And be sure to check out our FAQs page to answer any questions you may have and get detailed information about the BrainMD Health name and formula changes.

But before you do, please view the short video message below from Dr. Amen himself. You’ll discover the origins of BrainMD Health and why Dr. Amen is such a passionate believer in the power of nutritional supplements!

The origins of BrainMD truly started in 1989, when Dr. Amen founded the Amen Clinics, a specialized group of psychiatric clinics that use sophisticated brain imaging tools to help guide and personalize treatment for patients. Since that time, Dr. Amen and his colleagues have built the world’s largest database of brain scans related to behavior totaling nearly 115,000 scans on patients from 111 countries!

Dr. Amen started to study natural supplements more than 20 years ago because he was often horrified to see the effects some psychiatric medications had on the brain.

He found that in his practice, sometimes the very medications intended to help patients made them worse.

Through careful research, Dr. Amen discovered natural supplements that supported brain health in powerful ways. But perhaps most moving to him personally was to witness how a nutraceutical program helped his seven-year-old niece “Jennifer” who had been struggling with her schoolwork and emotional outbursts. “When I scanned Jen, she had a brain that was working way too hard,” Dr. Amen recalls. Deciding to forgo stronger prescription medication, Dr. Amen made the radical decision to turn up Jen’s “natural calm button” with the support of nutritional supplements.

It worked.

She began achieving excellent marks in school and became much more pleasant to be around. Now 20 years later, she just graduated from law school and is getting ready to take the BAR exam.

“That experience had a lasting effect on me,” Dr. Amen says. “There is no question in my mind that nutraceuticals have powerful, positive effects on your brain. That’s why I started BrainMD Health.”

BrainMD Health leverages everything Dr. Amen and his colleagues have learned at the Amen Clinics to help people just like you have better brains and a lifetime of success.

Welcome to BrainMD Health!