New Brain Healthy Chocolate called Brain in Love

Grandson of a Candy Maker

My grandfather was a candy maker. He was very special to me. In fact, I was named after him. He was my best friend growing up. I used to stand at the stove and make fudge, chocolate and pralines with him. But his chocolate was filled with all the wrong stuff—a lot of sugar and dairy. It made him sick and it took him away from me way too early.

I loved him. And I love chocolate. So I used my wonderful brain to create a truly healthy chocolate. Brain in Love is made with dark chocolate, stevia and erythritol. It’s only 140 calories and has 9 grams of fiber, which is great for your entire system. Take it from this candy maker, it tastes absolutely delicious!

Good For Your Brain

But better yet, it’s good for your brain. Chocolate has been shown to increase blood flow to the brain, increase antioxidants and increase a chemical called phenylethylamine, which alerts your brain stem that something fun is about to happen. A lot of studies show that chocolate is good for your brain.

“The One Thing” About Health

People generally have the wrong idea about making a serious commitment to health. They think it is about deprivation, when it is really about abundance. You get an abundance of great energy, clarity of thought and good health. If you ever saw the film “City Slickers,” the old, rough cowboy character played by Jack Palance talks about the “One Thing” on his dying breath, but we never hear what it is! Earlier this year, I channeled that character and discovered the “One Thing” about getting healthy: When you start doing the right thing, you stop feeling deprived.

That’s why I created Brain in Love. You can get healthy and enjoy awesome treats that are both good for your soul and healthy for your brain!

This is a great video to share with your chocolate-loving friends who want to be healthier.