6 Tips For School Success

Ready or not, summer break is winding down and the new school year is almost here! Did you know that children, teens, and young adults spend more than a third of lives in school or working on schoolwork?

Many parents do not realize that success, or failure, at school starts at home. Studies have linked poor academic performance to factors such as obesity, poor sleep patterns and nutrition, and a lack of parental support.

The good news is that those same studies also show improved performance for students who live in homes where predictable routines, healthy habits, and good communication exist.

Believe it or not, NOW is the time to plan for a successful school year. While this can benefit all children, it is particularly important if your child struggled in school last year.

So how can you ensure your child heads off to school this fall with the best possible foundation? Follow these 6 tips and watch your child thrive.

1. Focus on what has WORKED in the past.

Spend some time thinking about last year. What was good about it? What came easily for your child? Every success your child has ever had can be translated into an academic skill. If your child planned a successful sleepover with friends this summer, he or she can learn to plan out their homework. If he or she found a way to remember to take care of the animals, then chances are he or she can find a way to remember to turn in their homework.

2. Learn to be the ultimate planner.

Talk through organizational systems with your child – what worked and what didn’t? Consider color-coding binders and folders, buy each child their own planner, and have them organize it all. Shop for school supplies together. Getting kids involved in the planning stages can smooth the transition to school.

3. Create the right study space.

It’s time to determine where your kids can study – and where they can’t. Work with your child to create a space where he or she can keep school materials organized. Any quiet area with good lighting and a writing surface can make a study space so long as it’s out of TV earshot.

4. Figure out how to streamline mornings.

Think about what would make before-school hours simpler for everyone. Practice picking out clothes and making lunches the night before. Organize and gather everything together that your kids will need to walk out the door in the morning before going to bed.

5. Adopt a school schedule early.

For many kids, summer is a time for staying up later and sleeping in as well as grazing throughout the day. Have your children begin to start adjusting their eating and sleeping schedules to school-year hours.

6. Support focus and thoughtfulness.

Having a short attention span affects nearly every aspect of school, including a student’s ability to follow teachers in lectures, participate in small groups, attend while reading, and perform consistently on class assignments and tests. Additionally, blurting out answers in class, speaking tactlessly or disrespectfully to teachers, and responding impulsively on quizzes or tests is also a recipe for academic challenges.

BrainMD’s Attention Support can help your child relax, stay calm, focus, and make better decisions – all at the same time. All its ingredients were picked for their clinically proven benefits to attention, concentration, calm, and overall self-control.


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Laura Nunes