Too Much Sugar Can Eat Away At Your Brain Power

Do you enjoy eating candy canes and cookies as a regular part of your holiday celebration?

Then don’t be surprised if you start forgetting where you left your keys because, according to research, eating too much sugar can eat away at your brainpower.

While most people are aware how eating too much sugar harms your body, most people don’t realize that it harms your brain as well. Studies show that sugar increases erratic brain cell firing which means that brain cells don’t communicate well with each other.

Additionally, eating too much sugar can damage your health and threaten your life in number of ways:

  • Chronic high blood sugar leads to type 2 diabetes
  • High blood sugar in people with diabetes can lead to skin ulcerations and nerve damage
  • Can cause elevated cholesterol, high triglycerides, vascular disease and heart disease
  • Can lead to hypertension and stroke
  • Is toxic to the liver and can lead to nonalcoholic fatty liver disease
  • Promotes chronic inflammation
  • Suppresses the immune system

Although we know that sugar is bad for us and should be avoided, nobody likes to feel deprived, especially during the holidays. So it is important to find healthy alternatives.

To indulge your sweet tooth without harming your health, try this delicious “Sugar-LESS” Cookie recipe from NY Times bestselling author, registered nurse, highly respected health and fitness expert, and nationally renowned speaker, Tana Amen, BSN, RN.