Probiotics Are Critical to Maintaining Good Health


When most people hear about bacteria, they think of germs, illness and its reputation as the bad guy.

However, unlike the bad bacteria that can cause disease, probiotics are the good guys – the beneficial bacteria that are critical to maintaining good health.

Did you know that one of the best ways to a healthy brain may lie in your gut?

It’s true!

Most people don’t realize that their intestines hold about 3-4 pounds of bacteria that are involved in practically every aspect of your health. In fact, our bodies are actually highly sophisticated and complicated ecosystems, and a big part of that ecosystem is made up of at least a thousand species of bacteria that live in our intestinal system.

The good bacteria help regulate everything in this ecosystem – from supporting our digestion to programming the nervous and immune systems. These same bacteria also help produce neurotransmitters that support healthy brain functions.

When you don’t have enough of these friendly bacteria, you can have digestive problems, difficultly managing stress, irritability, and other negative behaviors. That’s where BrainMD Health’s new ProBrainBiotics can help.

Watch this short video featuring Dr. Amen and BrainMD Health’s Chief Science Officer, Dr. Parris Kidd, to learn more about how this very important nutritional supplement can help get your gut right so your brain can be right!


Multiple research studies have shown that a healthy gut is linked to better memory, improved stress response and better behavior.

A study done at Oxford University pointed to a connection between gut bacteria and mental health in humans. Another study conducted at the University of California, Los Angeles found that women who regularly consumed probiotics showed altered activity of brain regions that control central processing of emotion and sensation, and had a reduced level of worry compared to women given a placebo or no treatment.

The benefits of ProBrainBiotics are numerous, helping with:

  • Digestion – Promotes healthy digestion
  • Focus – Supports concentration and attention
  • Mood – Supports positive mood and emotional balance
  • Immunity – Provides antioxidant support and nutritional immune system boosters

ProBrainBiotics contains the precise probiotic strains at the same potency used in the clinical trials of gut-brain cooperation. These special strains have many unique features, including:

  • Are not destroyed by stomach acids, so they can work in the intestines
  • Help repel harmful bacteria
  • Supports the tight “seal” of the gut lining to prevent “leaky gut syndrome”
  • Supports healthy immunity

By supporting your gut health, you are supporting your brain health, helping you to feel and be your best!

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