How Natural Supplements Can Boost Your Memory

Having reviewed many thousands of brain scans over several decades, I had concern about the effects I observed that medication had on the brain. With the philosophy, “First, do no harm” and aiming to use the least toxic, most effective solutions, I became very interested in natural supplements. Since incorporating them into the Amen Clinics program, the physiological effects and benefits we’ve observed in our patients are undeniable. Yet, I recognize there are real concerns about natural supplementation as a whole, and that it’s not the solution for everyone.

Let’s take a look at the benefits and drawbacks.

The Good

  • When prescribed properly, they work!
  • You don’t have to tell your insurance company you are taking them.
    (Most people are unaware that taking psychiatric medications for your mind can have an unfortunate negative impact on your health insurance, life insurance, disability insurance and long-term care insurance.)
  • Fewer side effects (In my clinical experience, drastically fewer side effects.)

The Bad

  • Quality control (Too often, your nutritional supplement consultant is a teenage clerk at the health food store—yikes!)

When we first began suggesting supplements to our patients, we vetted the best multivitamin and fish oil brands and made recommendations. But soon I found that I wanted a multivitamin with specific brain healthy nutrients at efficacious levels as well as a very specific type of fish oil that I believed would be best for the brain. The need gave birth to the BrainMD Health line of supplements, an extraordinary line of brain directed formulas designed specifically to optimize both brain and body health.

To get started on a natural supplement program, I recommend starting with the following:

1. High-Quality Multivitamin

I believe everyone should start with a high quality multivitamin. BrainMD Health’s multivitamin, NeuroVite, has fifty brain healthy nutrients at just the right levels to ensure optimal brain and body function. I take it every day!

2. Ultra Pure Fish Oil with the Right Amount of DHA and EPA

I believe everyone should take a high-quality fish oil, rich in the right kinds of omega-3 fatty acids. I choose fish oil over plant-based flax oil because only fish oil has two very important brain and heart healthy ingredients: EPA and DHA. EPA and DHA are well-studied and very important to optimal brain function as well as heart health. BrainMD Health’s fish oil with EPA and DHA in balanced amounts is called Omega-3 Power.

3. Vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency is prevalent. Get your vitamin D levels tested and if your levels are low, be sure to take vitamin D every day. Vitamin D is essential for ensuring normal calcium absorption and maintenance of healthy calcium plasma levels. Numerous scientists now feel that supplementation with vitamin D at levels greater than previously thought necessary is critical to helping maintain healthy bone remodeling as we age.

While these are three basic supplements, you may likely benefit from other natural supplements, based on your particular health needs.

We are really proud of the BrainMD Health supplement line and we want them to work for you. That’s why we offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied.

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