Probiotics Offer a Broad Spectrum Of Health Benefits

When my wife Tana told our daughter about the bacteria in her gut, Chloe was grossed out. “You mean I have bugs in my gut?!”

Tana responded, “Think of them like your pets sweetheart. Only these pets actually take care of you, if you feed them right.” Tana and Chloe went on to name the pets Biff (for bifidobacterium) and Lacy (for lactobacillus).

There is an entire world of microorganisms living in your body! Your intestines host trillions of organisms, including at least 1,000 different species of bacteria. Some are beneficial, and some are not.

When most people hear about bacteria, they think of germs, illness and its reputation as the bad guy, as Chloe did. However, unlike the bad bacteria that can cause disease, these are the good guys – the beneficial bacteria that are critical to digestion, vitamin and neurotransmitter production, and maintaining good health.

A number of factors, such as aging, stress, taking antibiotics, or eating an unhealthy, pesticide-laden diet, can disrupt the delicate balance between beneficial and bad gut bacteria. Not having a proper balance of good-to-bad bacteria can create a whole host of problems throughout the brain and body.

Scientists are discovering that probiotics and the resulting healthy balance of gut bacteria offer a broad spectrum of previously unknown health benefits. Although supplementing with probiotics has historically been viewed as providing support against intestinal conditions, research is now demonstrating that they help support many processes in the body, including those typically thought to be connected to your brain, including your mood and stress levels.

Fortunately, scientific evidence demonstrates that supplementing with the right combination of probiotic bacteria to restore the balance of gut bacteria also restores natural protection.

There are many probiotic formulas available that can help replenish levels and support your gut bacteria. However, not all probiotics are the same.

When searching for a probiotic you want to look for one with clinical studies that show it works. BrainMD Health’s very own ProBrainBiotics contains the precise probiotic strains at the same potency used in double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials.

These special strains have many unique features, including:

  • Are not destroyed by stomach acids, so they can work in the intestines
  • Help repel harmful bacteria
  • Supports the tight “seal” of the gut lining to prevent “leaky gut syndrome”
  • Supports healthy immunity

While it may seem strange or unsettling to imagine all the diverse microorganisms working nonstop inside you, day and night, it is important to realize how critical probiotics are to the health of your body and mind! The reality is that you want more life inside you, not less. If you take care of your internal world, it will take care of you.

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I need a much deeper discussion on your formula Dr Amen. Dr Gundry offers a polyphenol blend with a few probiota as well as som fiber to feed them. I have high CRP and mercury still in three teeth. Plain old Bs do not ‘go’ me as well. MTHFR COMT and homocysteine issues are not helping. I’m cleaning up and have been for a year now. For a product like this I would prefer you jack up the polyphenols with berries, two or three adaptogens, yerba mate, macha, ginseng, and leaves from the stevia tree. Big scoops, not the little wimpy ones. My bacteria are good now and need major jacking :).