Sex and Your Brain

When you think of love or falling in love, romantics tend to connect those emotions to the heart, which may be the wrong organ entirely… In time for Valentine’s Day, potential lovers everywhere can start shifting their thinking, and begin to understand that true love – and all of the magnificent mind-body benefits of a soulmate sort of love – stem from your brain.

“Your brain is the main organ of loving, learning, behaving, and is the largest sex organ in your body,” says Daniel G. Amen, MD.

When you are in a loving, safe and committed relationship, it pays to take full advantage of sharing this soul-nurturing, healthy, heart-opening experience. In fact, good sex and romantic love are two of the most important advantages of brain health.

Great Sex Equals a Longer, More Fulfilling Life

Many studies have investigated the relationship between healthy sexual activity and longevity. Some studies do suggest that, by choosing to thoughtfully and intimately connect with your partner, may enhance your longevity, immune system function, joy, pain management, and sexual reproductive health.

If reading this doesn’t do enough to make you want to commune with your partner (or go out and find a likely candidate!) then consider this: Regular sexual activity may be a preventative measure against the two leading causes of death in the United States: heart disease and cancer.

Good Sex Makes Life More Joyful and Intimate

Here are some tips to help your libido. This will help spice up your love life and jumpstart your overall brain health:


Not only does exercise lower stress levels, boost endorphins, increase blood flow and treat depression, it also boosts your confidence and self-esteem. This also helps serotonin levels, lifting your mood and promoting feelings of calmness. Without getting all these benefits of exercise, sexual performance can decrease.

Try something new:

Do something that you and your partner can enjoy together. Change the scenery, take a sexy vacation, or try another type of connection, by unplugging and setting aside time for one another, Dr. Amen suggests. Make a commitment to take a daily walk with one another to improve your face-to-face communication, making your more in synch as a couple under the sheets – and out of them.


This decadent treat naturally increases “feel good” hormones, especially dark chocolate. Notably called the love drug because it produces delight for both brain and body, try not to overindulge anyway. Try Amen Clinics’ chocolate protein powder or Dr. Amen’s Brain in Love Bars instead. This velvety combination will help support a positive mood, the ability to think clearly, and an efficient cardiovascular system.

Not only does committing to having more sex with a partner create positive room for growth between the two of you, but it allows your brain to grow and flourish as well.

BrainMD is committed to helping you transform your life for the better by focusing on improving the health of your brain.

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