Ginkgo Biloba: Benefits Memory & Circulation

Which Herbs Do the Best Brains Take?

The key to getting a youthful brain could be as simple as a single herb. Not just any herb, though. I am not referring to any that might be growing in your garden and I definitely don’t mean marijuana.

Ginkgo biloba is a powerful Chinese herb that is used to help aid cognition. This powerful antioxidant is best known for its capacity to improve circulation, slow down the aging process, enhance memory, and concentration.

Ginkgo is one of a few top nutrients for your brain health we’ve identified, and has been thoroughly researched to support memory function.

Ginkgo: Study Shows Improved Memory in 52 Weeks

Ginkgo has been widely publicized since a U.S. study by the Journal of American Medical Association in 1997. This study was done to assess to efficiency and safety of Ginkgo biloba in patients with memory issues over the course of 52 weeks. Among other metrics, the results found that the participants receiving the Gingko Biloba had a significant improvement versus the placebo group. They also found no difference between the Ginkgo group versus the placebo group in terms of adverse events. The study concluded that this form of Ginkgo biloba, “was safe and appears capable of stabilizing and, in a substantial number of cases, improving the cognitive performance and the social functioning of patients struggling with memory issues for 6 months to 1 year.”

A 20 Year Study on Ginkgo Biloba

In 2013, a more recent study was published in PLOS One to look at Gingko Biloba extract and its effect on cognitive decline. This study was done over a 20-year period. Results found that ginkgo prevailed once again, demonstrating that cognitive decline was significantly lower in participants who used EGb761 (the same Ginkgo extract as the 1997 study) than those who did not.

Based on these scientific studies, along with others that show Ginkgo improves blood flow on brain SPECT scans, we believe it can aid those struggling with memory issues.  Also, we already know that it is beneficial for brain health due to its power to increase blood flow, therefore, increasing brain function.

When it comes to overall brain health, there are several mechanisms for memory at play. This calls for multiple ingredients to reach total brain support.

Ginkgo Biloba extract is found in BrainMD’s Brain and Memory Power Boost, formulated with seven brain boosters which help promote brain energy. As one of our flagship products, the supplement harnesses the circulatory benefits found in Ginkgo Biloba and combines those benefits with ingredients to promote mental sharpness.