4 Simple Ways to Stop Dieting & Get Healthier Habits

Going vegan, the Cabbage Soup Diet, a Paleo Diet, the Mediterranean Diet… We have all been there. You spend hours or even days trying to decide if or when you should start that detoxing juice cleanse, the low-carb diet, the list goes on and on. You commit all week long and then your weekend get-together rolls around, and you decide that you are tired of being starving. Or feeling deprived or depressed. Or lonely. Down goes the diet.

Don’t let this toxic yoyo cycling ruin your chances of shedding excess body weight, and living a more vibrant lifestyle. The brain is your command and control center. It’s how you make good or bad decisions about behavior and food, and it also tells you:

  • What, when and how much to eat
  • What to buy at the grocery store or order in a restaurant
  • When and how often to exercise

Here are simple and thoughtful strategies from Amen Clinics to thread into your food practices and into your life. Rather than forming a stand-alone diet, these tips help you navigate mealtime and choose healthier eating practices. Remember, you may need brain health and emotional support to overcome some of these trendy diets.

4 Simple Ways to Stop Dieting & Get Healthier Habits

  1. Drink 8-10 ounces of glass of water before meals

The idea of eating something very healthy to boost satiation before a main meal has been around a long time — and it still works. Also the premise of many soup diets and cleanses, the idea is you drink to fill up, creating fewer hunger signals to the brain and false cravings, which can help you ingest less during meals. Some dieters may find that broth or even an apple can satisfy food cravings pre-meals, and help you eat less during the main event.

  1. Eat smaller portions and chew slowly

Get rid of large clunky entrée plates and try eating your snacks and meals on smaller appetizer-size plates (or salad bowls) for more control. Try using chopsticks and appetizer-sized cutlery to take in smaller portions. There are portion-sized plates and Tupperware in every supermarket to help you. When you are eating, tune into your food and turn off any digital interference until the last bite.

  1. No gobbling, guzzling, or skipping meals

On your new practical diet, eat moderately, take smaller bites, and allow your stomach to expand and send the signals back to your brain when it needs to turn off the hunger switch. You already know that drinking excessive alcohol may help you lose control of your appetites, so avoid that too. Also, eat organic, all-natural whole foods as often as you can to keep all the “bad” cholesterol and extra calories at bay. (By the way, skipping meals slows your metabolism – the rate you burn calories – which may cause overeating and intensify your hunger at the next meal.)

  1. Plan ahead to practice smart meal preparation  

Pick one day of the week to shop healthfully, filling your cart with vegetables, and nutrient-rich foods to help you fuel up all week, and keep your brain active and healthy. Try chopping up veggies every morning to feast on throughout your day.

Bring your own healthy bag lunch (think colorful salads) to work every day, too. Not only will this help your wallet but it will help your waistline as well. Set aside an evening and throw together quick dishes that are balanced and healthy.

Here is the thing: There is no perfect diet for every single human. We are all different when it comes to our brain and genetics, and your diet should be customized for that. The reality is, with diligence and nutritional knowledge you can not only lose weight, and keep it off, but you can learn to live a brain-healthy lifestyle too, one that also benefits your heart, mind, and body.

Amen Clinic food philosophies stand apart from the crowd because by discovering your brain type, we get very significant information to help create the best custom nutrition and lifestyle plan to help you lose weight, optimize brain function, become healthier, and increase your energy. Hear more about this food and nutrition topic on one of our Live Chats on Facebook.