7 Simple Ways to Optimize Your Brain

In July 2007, Anthony Davis came to see us.  AD, as his friends call him, is a College Football Hall of Fame running back from the University of Southern California, who played professional football for 8 years.  He wanted to make sure he was doing everything he could to keep his brain healthy.

AD fully embraced a brain-healthy program that included, as one of its components, using supplements that targeted multiple mechanisms, such as blood flow, blood sugar stabilization, antioxidant support, nutrient loading, and more. Within 5 months of starting his brain-healthy program, he reported improvements in his energy, focus and judgment.

AD said of his progress, “It’s amazing how much I have improved. My memory has improved, as has my reading comprehension.”

Most people don’t realize that your brain gets sick or ages in many different ways.

When we get sick or age, it is never just one biological mechanism, such as blood flow, that fails us; it is generally through multiple mechanisms, such as blood flow, toxic buildup, nutrient depletion, and inflammation.

Single mechanism interventions, such as just taking single supplements like ginkgo or vitamin E by themselves, have NOT consistently worked in large scale studies to effectively promote and enhance optimal brain health.

Therefore, in order to support your brain, it is absolutely critical to use multiple interventions that target different processes like blood sugar levels, gut health, inflammation, blood flow, and more. When we use smart combinations to fight the war for brain health on multiple fronts our effectiveness significantly improves.

Here is an example of what types of supplements, when taken together, would be extremely useful in supporting your brain and body health in a multiple mechanism approach:

  1. Omega 3 fatty acids to decrease overall inflammation
  2. Ginkgo and vinpocetine to support healthy cerebral blood flow
  3. Alpha lipoic acid to help stabilize blood sugar levels and protect against nerve cell damage
  4. Vitamins B, C, and D for nutrient loading
  5. Huperzine A and choline to boost acetylcholine levels, one of the main amino acids involved with learning and memory
  6. Phosphatidylserine for nerve cell membrane fluidity
  7. N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC) for antioxidant support and detoxification

As you can imagine, if you purchased each of these supplements separately, it would cost you an astronomical amount! Not to mention the amount of time it would take to separate out and take each daily dose.

BrainMD Health’s very own Brain & Body Power Max makes it easy, quick, and economical for you to put robust brain/body health right in the palm of your hand! This all-in-one daily supplement system makes it simple to stay healthy on the go with easy-to-carry packets for your purse or pocket. You can keep them in your desk, or take them with you when you travel to be sure that you’re keeping energetic and healthy wherever you go!

You get the following three top-selling BrainMD Health supplements in every serving of Brain & Body Power Max:

  • NeuroVite Plus – A multivitamin like no other! Contains more than 50 vitamin, mineral and plant nutrients in their most active forms, and the only source of Dr. Amen’s proprietary Brain Boosting Blend of clinically researched brain nutrients.
  • Omega-3 Power – Contains a whopping 3.2g of omega-3 fatty acids from a high quality, ultra-purified fish oil source.
  • Brain and Memory Power Boost – Formulated with 7 brain boosters which help promote brain energy, protect circulation, boost brain circuit function, support important neurons, defend against free radical damage to the brain, and promote mental sharpness.

“Brain & Body Power Max is perfect for people who want the very best whole brain/body supplement support in one easy-to-take packet.”
– Daniel G. Amen, MD

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