6 Ingredients to Increase Your Focus

Is it hard for you to sit still?

Do you have trouble concentrating?

Are you finding it difficult to focus when you need to?

If so, you are not alone!


Disturbing new research reports that humans lose their concentration after about 8 seconds, while the simple goldfish loses its focus after about 9 seconds. It seems like evolution may be going in the wrong direction. In 2000, the average human attention span was estimated at 12 seconds, which is not great; but losing a third of our attention span in 15 years is alarming!

This rapid rise of attention problems is due to many factors, including low-fat, low-fiber, high-glycemic diets, increased use of electronics, decreased exercise, and diminished sleep. While supplements can’t take the place of important health-supporting habits such as eating right, exercising, and sleeping, BrainMD Health’s Attention Support can help mind the gap.

Watch this short video where Dr. Amen and BrainMD Health’s Chief Science Officer, Dr. Parris Kidd tell you all about Attention Support and how its winning combination of clinically researched ingredients can help our distractible brains stay on track!

“I’ve seen the attention of my patients go down over the last 30 years with the constant distractions we all face from the Internet and multiple gadgets. I designed Attention Support to give children and adults something natural that would actually help support their attention in multiple ways.”
– Daniel G. Amen, MD

Here’s what you get with Attention Support:

  • PhosphatidylSerine – a natural building block for cell membranes that supports healthy cognitive function
  • Pycnogenol® – a powerful antioxidant that promotes delivery of blood to the brain demonstrated to help with attention through over 100 clinical trials
  • Choline – vitamin-like nutrient that supports the brain’s production of acetylcholine, a key neurotransmitter for mental focus
  • Zinc – an essential mineral clinically proven to benefit attention in kids
  • Magnesium – the most bioavailable form of this critical mineral that helps assure a calm, even mood and good mental focus
  • Vitamin B6 – involved in the metabolism of all of the neurotransmitters that have to do with attention

In order to be successful in today’s world, you need to be able to focus and pay attention. Support your maximum potential through multiple mechanisms with BrainMD Health’s Attention Support.

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From breathing exercises that activate the part of your brain associated with short-term memory and attention span, to balancing poses that amp up your concentration, a yoga routine is a quick-fix for those days when you just can’t seem to focus.