These Are 7 of the Best Reasons to Become a Health Coach
Medically Reviewed by Dr. Nicole Avena

Have you always wanted to work a job that gives back to others?

One occupation that might fill that need is to become a health coach.

What’s A Health Coach?

People may view the role of a life/health coach in different ways, from guide, to partner, or even health cheerleader. The purpose for becoming a health coach might be different for different people but may include helping others improve their mental or physical health by implementing lifestyle changes.

Some of the main areas a health coach may focus on are:

  • Bad habits (alcohol/drugs, smoking, etc.)
  • Diet (fatty, sugary, unhealthy foods)
  • Physical activity
  • Sleep
  • Stress
  • Time management

Often, if one of these areas is a problem, others may be as well. For instance, lack of sleep can create a chain reaction that affects many, if not all, of these areas.

A health coach can help individuals set up goals and reach those goals by breaking things down into incremental steps. Some may see this process as a journey. Hopefully, the individual will learn many insights about themselves and others along the way.

Health coaches may contact their clients via phone, email, or through in-person visits. Sessions may last for three months or more depending on what the individual needs and the availability of the coach.

If you’ve been thinking about transitioning to a career where you can help people in tangible ways, here are some of the top reasons to consider becoming a health coach…

7 of the Top Reasons to Become a Health Coach

Find Your Passion

Health Coach 2 If you’re interested in nutrition and wellness, and have a heart to help people, becoming a health coach might be a natural career option for you. It can be very fulfilling to pass on to others the helpful lifestyle strategies you’ve learned.

It’s important to find work you enjoy, that excites you when you roll out of bed in the morning. By contrast, doing work that’s a drudgery can create additional stress, mood issues, and personal/relational problems. Find what you’re passionate about, whether it’s being a health coach or something else, and throw yourself into it.

Flexible Learning

Many coaching certificates can be earned online. That means you can work at home, Starbucks, or wherever you do your best learning.

Once you’ve earned your certificate and have built a client base, you can make appointments to fit your schedule. And, thanks to programs like Zoom, you can meet with people from anywhere in the country, or other parts of the world.

Work-Life Balance

Helping others become the best versions of themselves can help you do the same. Be sure to build time into your schedule to take walks in nature or engage in a hobby you enjoy. Creating a healthy work-life balance is vital for you and those you counsel.

Meet New People

If you’re an extrovert or just like to meet new people, being a health coach might be the perfect opportunity for you. Not only will you meet new people while studying to become a wellness coach, you also may meet other coaches during live or online events. This can lead to forging friendships with people all around the world.

Help Others Feel Good

Imagine how it would feel to help others overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. Being a health coach can create a positive feedback loop where helping others can be personally gratifying. Assisting those who need help can be a win/win for you and the person you’re assisting.

Be the Best Version of Yourself

As you learn new aspects of health and wellness, you may try to apply them to your own daily routines. Learning about diet, exercise, and other lifestyle factors may encourage you to adjust your behaviors and adopt healthy habits. This, in turn, may inspire you to pass on your insights and discoveries to others.

Make the World a Better Place

Helping people improve their lives is an honorable occupation. It can be personally satisfying to help others make healthier choices for their lives and to watch their progress and personal growth. Your efforts can help make the world a better place…one person at a time.

Next Steps

If you’re energized by helping others and are looking for a career where you can help people in practical, meaningful ways, becoming a health coach might be right for you. Helping others set and attain personal or health goals can be rewarding and provide a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.

There are several places you can go to begin the process of becoming a health coach, including the National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching (NBC-HWC). Run an online search to see which coaching program is the best fit for you.

Take the first step in starting a career that can help you and others today.

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