The Secret to Brain Health, Good Sex, and a Strong Heart

Blood flow is essential to life. Blood brings nutrients to your cells and takes away toxins. New research suggests that brain cells do not age as fast as we thought. Rather, it’s our blood vessels (the ones that feed our brain) that affect our brain cells as we age.

If you want to keep your brain healthy, it is critical to protect your blood flow. Since the brain uses 20 percent of the blood flow in your body, it’s as important to improve blood circulation for the brain as it is for the many other organs and functions in your body that require blood flow. This means that what you do to improve your heart and your muscles improves your brain and sexual function.

As erectile dysfunction is skyrocketing (just turn on the television and you’ll be bombarded with commercials for Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis), so are brain problems.

There is one healthy secret to enhance and promote brain function and heart health. According to several studies (specifically about male aging) from the Boston School of Sexual Medicine, without effective blood flow to your heart, brains and sex organs, risk of heart attack and stroke is higher, in addition to these side effects:

  • 40 percent of 40-year-old men may have erectile dysfunction
  • At least 40 percent of 40-year-old men can also have brain dysfunction

With age, the rate increases to a frightening level. The same study reported:

  • 70 percent of 70-year-old men may suffer erectile dysfunction
  • At least 70 percent of 70-year-old men are also likely have brain dysfunction

Promoting Oxygen Flow to Brain, Heart, Muscles

To keep your brain healthy, as well as your heart, muscles, and sex life,  focus on strengthening vascular health. To do this takes three strategies:

  1. Blood flow envy: Start caring for and protecting your blood vessels with regular exercise, an active life, and optimal sleep.
  2. Avoid things that harm or constrict your blood vessels: stress, caffeine, drugs and nicotine.
  3. Do things that promote vascular health: stress management, eating a brain-healthy diet, drinking plenty of water, and possibly taking supplements that promote good blood flow.

Our BrainMD Health’s Brain & Memory Power Boost contains two other super-effective ingredients, Ginkgo biloba extract and vinpocetine, that support blood flow.

Ginkgo biloba extract comes from the leaves of the Ginkgo biloba tree, the oldest living tree on the planet. Studies show that ginkgo biloba extract supplementation supports healthy cerebral blood flow, which brings more oxygen to the brain, promoting cognitive health.

Vinpocetine is an alkaloid compound prepared from the pink periwinkle plant that promotes blood vessel dilation. Studies from the National Institutes of Health suggest they may  promote blood flow by improving  flexibility of red blood cells, allowing them to move and process information more quickly.

[ictt-tweet-inline]“This is one of the best brain-health supplements available, offering support for a wide range of cognitive functions including focus, memory and mental clarity.” – Daniel G. Amen, MD[/ictt-tweet-inline]

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Deb Duncan

cayenne pepper is great for blood flow,I take gingo for memory as well as ringing in the ears,great article,just found another great reason why I take ginko biloba