Do You Really Need Supplements? Think Before You Buy.

Ask yourself…do you:

  1. Spend the majority of your time outside where you breathe only fresh, unpolluted air?
  2. Drink only pure, clean water?
  3. Sleep 8-9 hours every night?
  4. Exercise every day?
  5. Experience little to no stress?
  6. Have no exposure to environmental toxins?
  7. Eat wild, fresh, organic, local, non-GMO food grown in virgin mineral- and nutrient-rich soils that has not been transported across long distances and stored for weeks, or even months, before you eat it?

If you answered yes to ALL of the above questions, then congratulations—you may not need to take supplements to support your brain and body health!

For the rest of us, however, living in a fast-paced society where we too often get food to-go, skip meals, eat too much sugar, buy processed foods, experience stress, are sleep-deprived and dehydrated, drink too much caffeine, and don’t find enough time to exercise regularly, supplements are critical to supporting and optimizing our health.

Supplements are NOT a cure-all. They can’t replace important health-supporting habits such as a healthy diet, exercise, sleep, and stress relief.

But supplements CAN pick up where food and good health habits leave off, giving our bodies some of the extra firepower they need to fight disease and protect us from the everyday assaults of the toxins that surround us, such as air pollution and pesticides. Supplements can also help reduce inflammation, protect our DNA, boost our immune system, improve our moods, and contribute to brain health.

So now that you understand why you can really benefit from supplements, where do you start?

There are a lot of supplements out there—if you’ve ever walked down the supplement aisle of your local health food store or pharmacy, you know how many choices there are. Even grocery stores sell supplements these days. The key is to know which supplements to take and in what quantity. Taking the wrong amounts of the wrong supplements is not only a waste of money, but can be harmful to your health.

That’s why I developed Brain & Body Power (and Brain & Body Power Max with a double boost of key nutrients for brains that need it).

Brain & Body Power and Brain & Body Power Max deliver almost 60 vitamins, minerals, plant extracts, and other nutrients to support optimal brain and body function in a convenient packet that you take twice daily—and at a much better price than if you were to buy all the nutritional supplements separately!

We want to provide you with the highest quality, science-based products and Brain & Body Power and Brain & Body Power Max are just that. In fact, there are over 150 clinical trials that have been done on the nutrients contained in Brain & Body Power and Brain & Body Power Max which provide solid evidence about the breakthrough effects that these nutrient combinations can have on brain function.

“Of all our supplements, my favorite is Brain & Body Power. I take it every day to support my need and desire for high level performance.”—Daniel G. Amen, MD

We are really proud of the BrainMD Health supplement line and we want them to work for you. That’s why we offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied.

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Daniela Leva

Hi I would like to know if you can ship the supplements oversea since I live in Malaysia

Thank you in advance
Warm Regards,

Amen Clinics

Hi Daniela – Yes we ship overseas, including Malaysia. Thanks for asking.


do you have a system that picks what is best for you as the individual? I have a blood clotting disease and take blood thinners