Do Your High-Priced Vitamins Have Cheap Ingredients?

Do Your High-Priced Vitamins Have Cheap Ingredients?

So, you walk into a vitamin store or the health section of a supermarket and what do you see? Hundreds of vitamins with different ingredients, amounts and sourcing…not to mention every imaginable shape, size and color.

What’s the one thing they all have in common? They all claim to be the best.

On some level you realize they can’t all live up to their claim. But how can you really know if you’re getting a high-quality supplement or just a fancy label with cheap ingredients?

Here are several criteria you’ll want to consider when purchasing your next vitamins:

4 Things to Look for In Your Daily Vitamins


The digestive system must extract the nutrients you need from food and supplements, but the body’s absorption of vitamins can be affected by several factors, including competition of digestion and the addition of other supplements. Many ingredients are known to be poorly absorbed yet are used simply because they’re cheaper or take up less space in the tablet or capsule.


Just because a product has a certain ingredient in it doesn’t mean there’s enough of that ingredient in each dose to benefit the person taking it. A dirty little secret of the dietary supplement industry is that many products have less-than-recommended amounts of ingredients – especially when those ingredients are expensive – to make it seem like the consumer is getting more for their money than with a competing product. Some in the industry call this “dusting” with “Fairy Dust.” Healthy dietary supplements provide safe and clinically effective ingredients in doses that have reasonable probability of creating benefits for those who take them.


The number of ingredients in dietary supplements widely vary, which is especially true of multiple vitamins. Some leading supplement companies take a minimalist approach, claiming that less is more. At BrainMD, we believe that more is more. Not only are we concerned with the number of ingredients but also in the quality of those ingredients…


Many supplements have agents added only for cosmetic reasons, titanium dioxide for example. Others have artificial dyes, some of which are linked to cancer. Some supplements, including many being marketed to children, have substantial amounts of sugar added. Many products that contain minerals have revealed lead contamination when tested.

Bottom line: always conduct thorough research on dietary supplements before adding them to your daily regimen.

One of the many BrainMD products that meets or exceeds all the above standards is NeuroVite Plus:

BrainMD’s NeuroVite Plus

The BrainMD product development team has over 60 years of combined dietary supplement experience. We diligently follow clinical research and rely on objective scientific findings to develop and upgrade our supplement products. Our focus is on the brain; it’s a reality of cell biology that the vitamins and minerals that support our brain cells also help all our other cells and maintain the well-being of our entire body.

Vitamins and essential minerals are the “nuts and bolts” of human biochemistry – they are indispensable to the structure and functioning of the enzymes that generate and use the life energy that keeps us mentally and physically competent.

BrainMD’s NeuroVite Plus is a highest-quality, top of the line, multifunctional dietary supplement that surpasses conventional brands in its range and potency of brain-targeted nutrients. NeuroVite Plus combines more than 50 vitamins, essential minerals, conditionally-essential nutrients and plant extracts, in their most active forms to provide you with whole body-mind nutrition that far exceeds the quality of drugstore multivitamins.

5 Benefits of NeuroVite Plus

Though the benefits of this dynamic, broad-spectrum multivitamin are numerous, NeuroVite Plus can support your daily health by:

  • Nourishing your body’s cells, tissues and organs with a wide range of essential and conditionally essential nutrients, all necessary for energy, health and survival.
  • Going beyond other multiples to further promote optimal brain function with important phytonutrients that help sustain our intensely active brain cells.
  • Supporting the health of ALL the body’s organ systems with the full range of vitamins and essential dietary minerals – with lutein and zeaxanthin for the eyes, resveratrol and hesperidin for circulation, coenzyme Q10 (“CoQ”) for the heart.
  • Shoring up the body’s defenses and protecting against free radicals with the antioxidant vitamins C and E, the essential minerals zinc, selenium, manganese, and the conditionally essential alpha lipoic acid.
  • Including a careful selection of beneficial food concentrates, as well as easily tolerated digestive enzymes that help to ensure healthy absorption and digestion.

NeuroVite Plus is the first and only daily multivitamin created by brain health expert Daniel G. Amen, MD. This scientifically-designed multiple contains three of Dr. Amen’s hand-selected proprietary nutrient blends:

  • The Brain Boosting Blend of clinically researched brain health nutrients.
  • The Fruit and Vegetable Blend with the antioxidant equivalent of 5 servings of fruits and vegetables.
  • The Digestive Enzyme Blend to support digestive health, metabolize foods and support your natural intestinal balance.

BrainMD’s vitamins are ultra-pure, science-based and brain directed. Our high-quality supplements come from the finest sources, have undergone rigorous clinical testing and have been formulated for maximum absorption to give you the nutrients you need to be your best self.

For more information about NeuroVite Plus and our full catalog of brain healthy supplements, visit us at BrainMD.

Keith Rowe