Tips to Helping You Focus & Set Realistic Goals

Staying on track with consistent fitness can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be. To optimize your chances of reaching your New Year’s goals, you’ve got to actively set yourself up for mind-body success.

Here are expert tips for helping you stay focused and set realistic resolutions that inspire you to get a stronger body and an optimized brain all year long:

Join a Gym or a Training Studio

Just getting there is the hard part. Always try negotiating waiving the sign-up initiation fees especially if you are joining a new or smaller exercise studio that’s privately owned. (There’s more leeway for navigating monthly fees.) Snare yourself a better deal before the big rush on January 1, advises fitness expert Tana Amen, BSN, RN. And finally, sign up with a fitness buddy who will hold you accountable to make it to your workouts, she says.

Start a Healthy Supplement Regimen

If one or more of your healthy resolutions was to ramp up your mental focus and jumpstart energy then you’ve come to the right place. A deficiency in vitamin D or serotonin, for example, may cause excessive fatigue. Take a good multi-vitamin with vitamin D, B6 and magnesium, for starters, says Dr. Daniel G. Amen, MD. Then add on supplements for other areas of improvement, like mood, focus, or memory. BrainMD even offers the opportunity to try three of our most popular products for free with our 7 day Free Trials.

Gravity Classes… Anyone?

Find a new activity you love and make that a weekend warrior habit you can look forward to. Anything from ice skating to dance lessons to gravity training can make that dreaded workout a fun activity you look forward to. Gravity training compiles strength, endurance and cardio workouts with Pilates and yoga inspired movements and mindfulness. We think you’ll love how much fun it is as well as the results you’ll see! Both group classes and private lessons are offered depending on your preferences.

Give the Gift of Green Tea

Dr. Amen’s Focus & Energy supports both focus and healthy energy levels. It is formulated with green tea and choline to help enhance endurance, digestion and stamina. Green tea is made from unfermented leaves and reportedly contains the highest concentration of powerful antioxidants called polyphenols. (Research also indicates that some supplements, made with the amino acids found in green tea, may help anxious people focus more clearly.)

Commit to be Fit, One Session at a Time

Learn the basics and take notes during one affordable session. Asking for help from a professional not only ensures that you will have the accountability you need to meet your weight loss and health goals, but also adds a level of safety for your future solo sessions, says fitness expert Tana, author of the just-launched Brain Warrior’s Way Cookbook.

Personalize Your Fitness Rewards

Get inspired to ramp up your workout motivation (and commit!) by attending a group bike class, hikes or Pilates sessions 2-3 times a week for one month, writing down the prize you’ll choose and enjoy once you meet your get-sweaty goals. Then, go treat yourself to a sports massage or a movie night. (You deserve it.)

Set yourself up for success: take these recommendations and write down how you can use them. Writing them down means you make then an intention, and will help form them in your mind so you can more easily implement them into a habit. Find out what supplements are right for you and your goals by shopping at BrainMD. And remember that you don’t need to be perfect, just better!