Is It Better To Take Single Supplements Or A Combination Formula?


Twenty years ago, my sister, Joanne, brought my 7-year-old niece, Jennifer, to see me because she was struggling in school and had emotional outbursts. When I scanned Jen, I found she had a brain that was working way too hard.

I tried many “traditional” interventions without any success, and my sister was calling me three times a week, upset about Jen’s behavior. Through my research, I discovered a combination of natural supplements that could help calm the brain and put her on them.

Four months later I realized I hadn’t heard anything from my sister, so I called her and said, “Hey, don’t you love me anymore?” Joanne said, “Of course I do, and you won’t believe how much better Jennifer is doing. She’s getting straight A’s in school and she is MUCH easier to be around.”

This was a very compelling experience that had a lasting impact on me.

Now 20 years after Joanne brought Jennifer to see me, Jennifer graduated from law school and is doing great. There is no question in my mind that supplements can have powerful, positive effects.

Initially, I recommended specific supplements and had my patients get them from their local health food stores. Over time, as I learned more about them, I wanted my own combination of ingredients and decided it was essential for us to have our own high-quality line.

Most people don’t realize that your brain gets sick or ages in many different ways. The supplement industry is sort of famous for, “Take this one thing, and it’ll revolutionize your brain.” The latest thing is a jellyfish extract. And I came to realize over time, the brain doesn’t get sick in one way. And it won’t get better in one way.

Single mechanism interventions, such as just taking single supplements like ginkgo or vitamin E by themselves, have NOT consistently worked in large scale studies to effectively promote and enhance optimal brain health.

Therefore, in order to support your brain, it is absolutely critical to use multiple interventions that target different processes like blood sugar levels, gut health, inflammation, blood flow, and more. When we use smart combinations to fight the war for brain health on multiple fronts our effectiveness significantly improves.

One such combination formula is BrainMD Brain and Memory Power Boost. This is the supplement formulated to help in our brain enhancement work with active and retired NFL players. When used in conjunction with a brain healthy program, we demonstrated significant improvement in memory, reasoning, attention, processing speed and accuracy. It was so effective that I take it every day.

Brain and Memory Power Boost is formulated with seven brain boosters which help promote brain energy, support important neurons, and defend against free radical damage to the brain. Together they help power up mental sharpness and cognition so you can think fast on your feet again.

Here’s what you get with Brain and Memory Power Boost:

  • PhosphatidylSerine – a natural building block for cell membranes that supports healthy cognitive function
  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine – an amino acid which helps protect against mental fatigue and can enhance mood
  • N-AcetylCysteine – an amino acid that supports healthy cognition and mood as well as enhancing coping
  • Alpha-Lipoic Acid – a potent antioxidant that protects against cell damage
  • Vinpocetine – works with Ginkgo to support healthy brain blood flow
  • Huperzine A – improves the actions of the acetylcholine neurotransmitter system, which plays a central role in memory and behavior

As you can imagine, if you purchased each of these supplements separately, it would cost you an astronomical amount! Not to mention the amount of time it would take to separate out and take each daily dose.

The science behind using natural supplements grows stronger every year, but we must stop looking for single bullet treatments, and instead help the brain in all of the ways it struggles. This multiple-mechanism approach is what we used in our published brain rehabilitation study with football players, and it’s what we use to help the people who come to our clinics.

“After a month on this supplement I noticed a difference. I have more clarity, focus and recall. This supplement really helps.”  ~Lisa

“I love this product! I can notice the difference in my thoughts when I take the recommended dose and when I don’t. My thoughts are clearer and sharper.” ~Peggy

“This is a great product to help me stay sharp when seeing patients. As a sports medicine physician, I need to be focused when injuries happen and be able to think quickly on my feet. Brain and Memory Power Boost is part of my pre-game.” ~Dr. Z

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Mary Beth Underwood

Can I even take this supplement? My internist is concerned with me taking the Ginko biloba as I have a secondary arachnoid cyst in my anterior left temporal lobe created by a head injury. I’ve had two brain surgeries to remove it but it regrew within months after each and the second surgeon nicked a vein causing a hemorrhage which resulted in physical brain damage and encephalomacia.

Mary Beth Underwood

I’ve had six brain injuries within 10 1/2 years. I’ve had 146 HBOT dives too with one TBI in the midst of those HBOT blocks. Still need more healing. I did well with them.

Ron Joy Wheeldon

Curious. Which supplements did you give your 7 year old niece?