Is the Health of Your Brain a Priority?

Is the Health of Your Brain a Priority?

The war for your health is won or lost in your brain.

When your brain works right, your decisions are more likely to have a positive effect on your life. When your brain is troubled, your decisions are more likely to have a negative, even catastrophic, impact on your life.

As the executive control center of the entire body – and the supervisor of every thought, mood, memory, and action – your brain makes you you. That’s why you must do everything you can to take care of your brain.

Way of the Warrior

Bushido (Japanese for “way of the warrior”) was the code of ethics adhered to by some ancient warriors. Those warriors constantly focused on self-improvement in an effort to protect themselves and the ones they loved.

Are you that dedicated to your health? Since you only have one brain, you must do everything you can to nurture and protect it. If you’re ready to maximize your health, consider becoming a brain warrior.

Brain Warrior Basics

Every martial artist, athlete, or musician remembers how awkward it felt when they first started learning the basics of their craft. Gradually, the physical movements got easier until they became second nature. There’s no shortcut to success. It takes time for the brain and body to adapt and make new neuronal connections.

Just as it is when anyone learns a new skill, becoming a brain warrior can feel a bit overwhelming at first. But the rewards of living a brain healthy life can have far-reaching implications for you and even future generations.

Becoming a brain warrior is for those who, either out of desire or necessity, are serious about their health. It’s for people who want to look and feel their best for as long as possible and for those who want to excel at work and school and in their relationships. It’s also for those who want to leave behind a legacy of health rather than illness.

If you want to become a brain warrior, here are 5 practical, natural ways to maximize your health…

5 Easy Steps to Becoming a Brain Warrior

  1. Train Like a Warrior

To be a warrior, you need to train like a warrior. The war for your health is very real, which is why you should stretch, train, exercise regularly, eat right, and prepare every day for the battles that lie ahead. Consistent training will prepare you for the obstacles you may face on your way toward optimal well-being. Maintaining a strong mind and body can help equip you to handle possible crises or health problems in the future.

  1. Avoid Toxic Food

Seems like everywhere you go (stores, schools, work, shopping malls, movie theaters, airports, ball parks, etc.), someone is trying to sell you food that is harmful to your health. The Standard American Diet (SAD) is filled with toxic foods that increase your risk for physical problems as well as issues with your focus, mood, and memory. Many of these unhealthy foods are:

  • Highly processed
  • Pro-inflammatory
  • Pesticide sprayed
  • Artificially colored and sweetened
  • High glycemic
  • Low fiber
  • Laden with hormones
  • Tainted with antibiotics
  1. Find a Healthy Community

Who you spend time with matters. Social connections can significantly affect your brain, mood, and physical health. The health habits of the people you spend time with can have a dramatic impact on your own health and habits. To maximize your health, surround yourself with people who are happy, upbeat, kind and who challenge you to be the best version of yourself.

  1. Focus Your Mind

Make time for yourself every day. Taking breaks for meditation and relaxation provides benefits for both your physical and mental health. Spending just 15 minutes alone, without distractions, may refresh your mind. Clearing your mind and slowing your breathing can help restore inner calm. Repeating simple words like “May I be safe and secure” can increase positive emotions and decrease negative ones. Loving Kindness Meditations (LKM) can reduce pain and improve other mental health challenges.

  1. Get Nutritional Support

One of the best ways to maximize your health is with brain directed supplements. At the foundation of every supplement regimen should be ultra-pure, clinically proven vitamins and nutrients that are essential for your health and can help improve energy, focus and memory. At BrainMD, we’re proud to recommend…

Brain & Body Power MAX

Brain and Body Power Max

Brain and Body Power Max is recommended for those who want a truly powerful dietary supplement system that provides superior memory and brain support nutrients. It provides clinically significant levels of vitamins, minerals, omega-3s, herbal extracts and other nutrients that support, promote and enhance the brain.

This all-in-one supplement system makes it easy to stay healthy on the go with easy-to-carry packets for your purse or pocket. Each convenient daily packet contains the same supplements as Brain and Body Power, plus 2 additional capsules of Omega-3 Power and 2 additional capsules of Brain & Memory Power Boost. For optimal benefit, we recommend taking 2 packets each day.

Each packet of Brain and Body Power Max contains:

NeuroVite Plus (2 capsules)

Over fifty vitamins, minerals and plant extracts (all in their most active forms) combine to give you the clinically-proven groundwork for your supplement regimen in NeuroVite Plus. NeuroVite Plus is also the only way to get Dr. Amen’s proprietary Brain Boosting Blend of brain-supporting nutrients.

Omega-3 Power (2 capsules)

To operate at peak performance, a healthy brain, heart and body require plenty of omega-3s. Max gives you greater levels of EPA and DHA with its double dose of Omega-3 Power. It provides a much higher potency than the typical fish oil product and undergoes the most advanced purification process in the industry to ensure safety.

Brain & Memory Power Boost (3 capsules)

Brain & Memory Power Boost contains brain directed nutrients, grounded in solid clinical science to support healthy brain and memory performance. With its all-star lineup of potent ingredients, Brain & Memory Power Boost promotes the brain’s basic functions including its energy, connectivity and overall performance.

For more information about Brain and Body Power Max and our full list of supplements, visit us at BrainMD.

Brain & Body Power MAX

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