Memory Rescue

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Everyone needs to understand this proven fact: “Your Brain’s History Is Not Your Destiny.” You can deter the advancement of Alzheimer’s disease using the insight in this book from Dr. Daniel G. Amen, the leader and innovator of brain health.

Supercharge Your Brain, Reverse Memory Loss, and Remember What Matters Most

A proven program from #1 New York Times bestselling author and brain researcher Dr. Daniel Amen to help you change your brain and improve your memory today!

Brain imaging research demonstrates that memory loss actually starts in the brain decades before you have any symptoms. Learn the actions you can take to help not just prevent memory loss later in life . . . but to begin restoring the memory you may have already lost.

Expert physician Dr. Amen reveals how a multipronged strategy―including dietary changes, physical and mental exercises, and spiritual practices―can improve your brain health, enhance your memory, and reduce the likelihood that you’ll develop Alzheimer’s and other memory loss–related conditions.

Take action against the fast-increasing memory crisis that threatens this crucial part of who you are―and help your brain, body, and soul stay strong for the rest of your life.