Struggling with memory loss or want to stay sharp? Browse our memory specific books and media products written by 10x New York Times Bestselling author and brain expert Daniel G. Amen, MD.  
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  1. Memory Rescue

    Everyone needs to understand this proven fact: “Your Brain’s History Is Not Your Destiny.” You can deter the advancement of Alzheimer’s disease using the insight in this book from Dr. Daniel G. Amen, the leader and innovator of brain health.

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  2. Stones of Remembrance

    In this companion to Memory Rescue, Dr. Amen provides selected scriptures to meditate and memorize as well as tips for incorporating them into your life and improving your memory capacity.

  3. Secrets of Successful Students

    Students who are struggling in school, or excellent students who want to become more effective: this book is for you!

  4. Change Your Brain Change Your Grades

    Do you feel like you should be getting better grades? Are you spending more time studying than the A students in your class but not getting the same results? Are you heading back to school after a long break and need a refresher to get more done in less time?

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4 Results