Memory Rescue Master Package

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"One of the most exciting lessons I’ve learned from looking at all our scans is that your brain does not have to deteriorate. With the right plan, you can slow or even reverse the aging process.” – Dr. Daniel Amen
  • Memory Rescue Hardcover Book
  • Memory Rescue Questionnaires and Step-by-Step Workbook
  • Music for Bright Minds Memory Rescue CD
  • Cooking for BRIGHT MINDS DVD with Tana and Chef Honor Harvey (2 hours)
  • Jim Karol’s Memory Master Course
  • Dr. Amen’s – Advanced Brain Health Library – His Top 6 Program (Memory Rescue, On the Psychiatrist’s Couch, Healing ADD, Change Your Brain, Change Your Life, Change Your Brain, Change Your Body, and Brain Fit: 50 Ways to Grow Your Brain, 12 hours total
  • Brain Fit Life membership for a year