[CD] Bright Minds: Memory Rescue Music

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This CD is comprised of instrumental music scientifically designed to help improve memory, creativity, focus, relaxation, and more.

No one wants to forget things. It’s hard enough watching a loved one start to lose their memory and it scary to think you could end up there yourself, someday. But there’s hope in music. This album was created to enhance your brain and your life!

The music on this program was designed to help:

Improve memory and creativity

Increase focus and attention

Soothe anxiety and pain

Barry Goldstein is a Grammy award-winning composer and a best-selling author and researcher on the vibrational effects of music. Together, we created this CD to help anyone improve memory, focus, concentration, and inspiration. It’s based on the latest science using specific sound waves and music technology to optimize your brain. It’s designed to help you retain information, enhance the learning process, and strengthen recall.

Whether you want to improve sleep, alleviate stress, or simply have the best day ever, listening to this memory CD can transform your life. If you’re looking for daily inspiration, relaxation, stress relief, something perfect to meditate to or spark your creativity, then your most valuable tool is this CD.