Captain Snout and the Super Power Questions

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"Captain Snout and the Super Power Questions: Don’t Let the ANTs Steal Your Happiness" is a wonderful children's story that teaches them how to question the negative thoughts that bring them down, in order to feel more positive! In this story, Daniel Amen, MD playfully encourages children to correct their negative thinking patterns in order to live happier and healthier lives.

Comical illustrations bring the story alive as our main character, Captain Snout, reveals the super power questions that can rid us of our automatic negative thoughts (ANTs) and lead to accurate and truthful thinking. This picture book, based on a popular Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy technique, will help readers do just that. The fun, super power vs villain tale will show kids how the super power questions can defeat the many different kinds of ANTs that may try to steal their thoughts.

Written by board certified child psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Amen.

Age Range: 4 - 8 years

Grade Level: Preschool - 3

Hardcover: 40 pages