BRIGHT MINDS Diffuser Oils Pack

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Fill your home or office with natural scents to help brighten your mood, increase mental clarity, and restore inner calm.


The BRIGHT MINDS essential oil set contains 6 natural scents hand-selected by Dr. Amen to inspire feelings of calm, happiness, and inspiration. This 100% pure essential oil set includes:

  • Lavender for mood, anxiety, grief, memory, and pain relief
  • YlangYlang for mood, memory, emotional trauma, and to enhance libido
  • Peppermint for energy, focus, and stress reduction
  • Eucalyptus for energy and breathing
  • Jasmine for mood and relaxation
  • Chamomile to calm anxiety and promote sleep 

There’s a reason these oils are called Essential!

Individual oils are sized at 10ml. 

Use with the BRIGHT MINDS Aroma Diffuser.