Herbal Medicine for Mental Health

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From the prestigious Amen Clinics, a psychiatrist’s practical, authoritative, straight-forward guide to the use of herbal medicine to treat mental health struggles.

For anyone dealing with mental health issues and looking for solutions beyond conventional pharmaceuticals, Herbal Medicine for Mental Health is a comprehensive introduction to the world of herbal medicine and the powerful impact it can have in changing people’s lives for the better.

Supported by a wealth of modern-day scientific data, psychiatrist and osteopathic physical Dr. Lillian Somner delves into the many natural solutions for mental health issues.

Providing a thorough overview of what herbal medicine is, how diagnoses are made, and how herbal medicine is delivered, Dr. Somner reviews how more natural solutions can help with depression, sleep, pain, and mental health. Readers will learn about herbal solutions that have an affinity with specific organs or can naturally address a number of symptoms or problems. 

With crucial knowledge about the science and efficacy of natural, time-honored alternatives, Herbal Medicine for Mental Health will empower you to feel better, healthier, and stronger. 

In The Relentless Courage of a Scared Child: How Persistence, Grit, and Faith Created a Reluctant Healer, Tana Amen shares her incredible story of transformation—of growing up in poverty, a bullied latch-key kid raised on sugary cereal and junk food, to becoming a world-renowned food and fitness expert.

Her challenging past of neglect, poverty, sexual abuse, thyroid cancer, and bouts of anxiety and depression set her on a path to find healing. Through her remarkable journey, we see more clearly the light that can shine through our own broken places and ultimately heal us: body, mind, and soul.

At once tragic and heartwarming, Tana’s story integrates cutting-edge psychology and proven wellness techniques from the Amen Clinics in a moving exploration of the healing available to each one of us, no matter the pain in our past.

What people are saying about The Relentless Courage of a Scared Child:

"What a journey! With in-your-face honesty, Tana reveals how she was able to turn her pain into purpose. For anyone who has been faced with unspeakable loss, this message is so important."

Jay Shetty, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Think Like a Monk, storyteller, purpose coach, and former monk