[DVD] High Performance Brains

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In this program you will learn how to develop a high performance brain and the 7 steps to creating a BrainSmart life.

What if, in a perfect world, you showed up every day to your life in a brain optimized state? You felt energized and focused, your memory was sharp, you were resilient, flexible and creative, you had the ability to positively interact with your family and coworkers, and you were surrounded by a culture that supported you in maintaining this level of mental clarity? How would that feel? What would happen to your life?

In this program you will learn how to develop a high performance brain and the 7 steps to creating a BrainSmart life.

  1. Brain excellence is your competitive advantage. Brains control the business world. They run the stock market and the local market. They run huge corporations and the mom-and-pop shop down the street. Brains run publishing companies, internet book sellers and you. Yet even though the brain is involved in everything we do at work and at home, we rarely think about or honor the brain. There is no formal education about the brain in MBA programs, no brain-training in customer service or management programs, and no real practical education about the brain in school. The lack of brain education is a mistake because success in all that we do starts with a healthy brain.
  2. Motivation is the Fuel for Change. Brain envy is critical to success. In order to consistently make the right decisions you must have a burning desire for brain health. In this step, each person individually explores and defines their motivation for a healthier brain. In addition, brain smart strategies are given to boost decision making skills and self control.
  3. Practical Neuroscience Boosts Success. In this step, participants learn about seven brain systems involved with success and failure, what they do, what happens when things go wrong and how to optimize them. Understanding and optimizing each system will dramatically boost success.

    Brain health can be summarized in 4 words: AVOID BAD, DO GOOD.
  4. Avoid Bad! This segment discusses specific behaviors that impair high performance. You want to avoid them to have a high performance brain.
  5. Do Good. Start a BrainSmart Plan today! Participants will be given a step-by-step program, including daily strategies and tools, to live a brain healthy life. It is a lot easier than most people think.
  6. Build Resilience and Creativity. This step will help you sustain brain health for the long run by improving the quality of your thoughts, inoculating yourself against stress, keeping your pleasure centers healthy, and being able to focus with an uncluttered mind.
  7. Create a BrainSmart Culture. This step shows how to implement brain health into your life and family.

This program has completely changed the way we do business at Franklin Covey.
Marianne Phillips, Western Regional Director.

Our business has gotten healthier. One of our employees lost 100 pounds and has dramatically better energy and work.
Joe Class, CEO, Contexture International