6 Common Attention Issues & Solutions for Staying Focused

6 Common Attention Issues & Solutions for Staying Focused

Do you have trouble concentrating in class or during meetings? Do you get antsy when listening to a speaker for an extended period? Does your mind drift from one random thought to another, never really focusing on the topic at hand? Did you stop to check your cell phone at any point while reading this paragraph?

In today’s busy world, giving our complete focus to one thing or person is becoming increasingly difficult…and is somewhat of a lost art. Attention issues not only impact performance in school, work, relationships and daily tasks, they also affect the way we function as human beings and how we perceive the world. And lest we think that the rapid rise of attention problems only afflicts the young, a growing number of adults are finding it harder and harder to remain organized, stay on task, and complete projects.

Short attention spans are a national health crisis that continues to grow – yet it remains one of the most misunderstood and incorrectly treated maladies today. Here are some common complications for those who struggle with their attention and focus…

Do You Have Any of These 6 Common Attention Issues?


Impulsivity can cause serious predicaments at school and work. Blurting out answers, speaking tactlessly or disrespectfully, and saying things without thinking are typical for impulsive people. For those who struggle with impulsivity, the mouth is often engaged before the brain, which can cause a whole host of problems.


Inability to focus while reading, participate in small groups, follow what teachers or other public speakers are saying, or perform well at tasks can all have negative effects on school, work and relationships. Having a short attention span and being easily distracted can affect nearly every aspect of your life.


Overactivity in kids can cause many complications in the classroom: children can be restless, disruptive, and annoying to other kids (not to mention the teacher). Restlessness in little kids, teens and adults can be a distraction to others in the class or at work who notice their constant movement (i.e., legs shaking, shifting weight in a chair, etc.).


This prevalent struggle can cause hardships in the classroom, office or at home. Forgetting to bring books home, leaving your laptop at work, and forgetting where you placed your keys are common complaints of absentmindedness.

Shifting Attention

Some people have trouble shifting their attention from one thing to another. They tend to get stuck or over focus, which can interfere with their ability to effectively take notes, track what’s being discussed in a lecture, or keep up with the normal flow of conversation among a group of friends.


Many people with attention issues wait until the last minute to complete their tasks for school or work. If it isn’t the night before, they can’t get their brain engaged enough to get the work done. Procrastination can cause work to be done poorly, partially or not at all.

Poor attention isn’t just a single and simple issue. Coping is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Here’s a look at the worst and best ways to improve your attention:

Worst Ways to Cope with Attention Issues

Tough It Out

Unaddressed attention challenges can have alarming consequences and are associated with higher incidences of academic problems, low self-esteem, job failure, incarceration, obesity, and divorce.

Medication Fix

Attention concerns can be aggravated by a variety of factors, including diet, environmental toxins, and limited physical activity. People who solely rely on medications to treat their attention problems might only find temporary relief of their symptoms or might even encounter side effects.

Overcommit Yourself

Filling your schedule with too many activities or distractions can make the condition worse. Simplify your schedule and develop an effective treatment plan that will work best for your lifestyle.

Best Ways to Cope with Attention Issues

Educate Yourself

Learn more about attention issues and determine which ones you’re dealing with. Get professional help if necessary. This will assist you to accurately identify the areas that you’re struggling with so that you can take the appropriate steps to solve the problem.

Find Quality Care

What works for one person with attention concerns might not work for another – or could even make symptoms worse! Make sure you’re working with a qualified practitioner that truly cares about your individual health and well-being.

Comprehensive Strategy to Optimize Attention and Focus

Address your complaint comprehensively, including proper testing, diet, supplementation, and therapy. Find professionals open to the most comprehensive options for providing you with the support you need using the least toxic, most effective means possible.

There are many things you can do today to have better focus and energy. One of the best ways to support your attention is with high-quality, brain-healthy supplements…

Focus and Energy

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Keith Rowe