Watch Dr. Amen Review the Types of Sleep Monsters

Have you ever heard the saying “Monsters don’t sleep under your bed, they sleep inside your head?” It’s true! We call it a sleep monster because people are afraid that they are not going to sleep.

If you are not sleeping 7-8 hours each night, it decreases blood flow to your brain which means more bad decisions and also prevents your brain from cleaning itself each night.

Watch Dr. Amen review the types of Monsters that keep us from getting the sleep our brains and bodies need. He helps you identify what type of monster you have and what you can feed it to calm it down.

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i have the restless mind and muscle sleep monsters , but they’re being caused by emfs which have been causing sleep deprivation for me for a few years , and so far only cannabis has been able to help me get better sleep

i hate how i feel whenever i don’t get a good sleep (like right now) , but thankfully my thought processes are so refined that even in this hindered state it’s still easy for me to make the most optimal divisions during the day , so that’s a plus for myself anyways…..