BrainMD Mixing Wand

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Tired of blending ingredients by hand? Meet BrainMD’s Mixing Wand! This easy-to-use, travel-friendly, battery-powered Mixing Wand makes combining your favorite BrainMD supplements a cinch. To use, simply whisk BRIGHT MINDS Memory Multi, Neuro Greens Superfood, OMNI Protein Powder (Chocolate or Vanilla), Smart Mushrooms, or any BrainMD powder into your beverage of choice to get the perfect brain-boosting blend.

It's the quickest way to get the smoothest mix!


For best results:

  • Insert the Mixing Wand into your smoothie or other healthy beverage
  • Press the power button to whisk until the desired consistency is reached  
  • Press again to power down and remove the Mixing Wand from your nutrient-packed beverage
  • Enjoy!

Always whisk in a cup or container that’s no more than 50% full to prevent splashing.

Rinse and air- or hand-dry whisk (keep handle/main body dry at all times).

(Batteries not included.)