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Neuro Zinc supplies the essential mineral zinc – crucial for optimal brain function and overall health – in a form that’s highly absorbable and easy on the stomach.*

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Promotes positive mood and emotional balance


Provides antioxidant support and immune system boosters
Brain Health

Brain Health

Supports optimal brain function with key brain-healthy nutrients
Supplement Facts
Serving Size 1 Capsule
Servings Per Container 90
Amount Per Serving % DV *
Zinc (as glycinate, Zinc Bisglycinate Chelate) 25 mg 227%


  • Sugar Free
  • Corn Free
    Corn Free
  • Soy Free
  • Gluten/Yeast Free
  • No Animal Products
  • Artificial Additive Free

Month 1

Clinically studied nutrients get to work

Month 2-3

Nutritional deficiencies are corrected (varies by person)

Month 4 & Beyond

Amplify the benefits & support long-term health

Powerful Immune Support + Brain & Body Benefits

Zinc is an essential super-mineral vital for health and well-being. Each of the body’s 30 trillion cells require zinc to function. Zinc plays a key role in supporting healthy immunity, cognition, and digestion.

Studies indicate that supplementing with a high-quality zinc product can help improve vision, skin health, and pregnancy outcomes. Neuro Zinc is pure, well absorbed, gentle on the stomach, and found effective in clinical trials.

Zinc and Immunity

Having low zinc has been shown to cause immune problems in adults and children. Older individuals with digestive problems that impair their nutrient absorption may avoid zinc deficiency by taking a zinc supplement. 

In children, zinc deficiency has been linked to immune issues with the lower respiratory tract. This deficiency was corrected with zinc glycinate in a clinical trial.

Zinc and Mood

Clinical studies have established that many people with mood problems have low zinc in their blood. Zinc is crucial for the dopamine and serotonin transmitter systems that help control mood.

Results from 6 double-blind randomized, controlled trials (RCT) suggest supplementing with zinc can improve mood. A positive mood can lead to increased happiness, healthier relationships, greater success, and perhaps even a longer life.

Get In Sync with Zinc

Many zinc supplements aren’t well absorbed and may cause an upset stomach. This includes many multiples that contain zinc oxide, which is poorly absorbed.

Neuro Zinc provides zinc bisglycinate chelate, a form of zinc known to be well absorbed and gentle on the stomach and digestive system.

If you’re looking for mood, cognitive, immune, and whole-body support, you need BrainMD’s new Neuro Zinc supplement. Try it today!

25 mg

Zinc is a mineral crucial for mood, cognition, and brain connectivity. It is also important for immunity, fertility, and antioxidant defense. Zinc bisglycinate chelate is readily absorbed and gentle on the digestive system.

Zinc: Versatile Super-Mineral!Zinc: Versatile Super-Mineral!

Zinc: Versatile Super-Mineral!

Zinc has many essential functions in the brain and body, including supporting mood, energy production, growth, sexual development, a healthy pregnancy, and immunity.* In fact, zinc is one of the most researched immunity supplements.

Unfortunately, 15% of the population doesn’t get enough zinc through their diet. It’s even worse for seniors, with up to 45% of them falling short of zinc sufficiency from diet alone. That’s why supplementing with zinc is such a smart idea.

But you need to choose your zinc mineral supplement carefully.

The Problem with Typical Zinc SupplementsThe Problem with Typical Zinc Supplements

The Problem with Typical Zinc Supplements

Not all zinc supplements are the same. Some forms of zinc (like zinc oxide) are poorly absorbed, meaning you won’t get all the zinc benefits you’re looking for. These inferior forms can also cause stomach upset.

Our Neuro Zinc mineral supplement solves both these problems by using the absolute best form of zinc available: zinc bisglycinate chelate.


“Power up immunity and moods with this essential super-mineral—in an easily digestible form that’s gentle on your stomach.”

- Daniel G. Amen, MD 

  • READ Why It Didn’t Make the Cut

    Iron is a mineral essential for human health. It is typically linked to hemoglobin – the protein that transports oxygen around the body – and is also vital for energy production, antioxidant defense, DNA production, gene regulation, and the body’s detoxification process.
    Though commonly found in multivitamins, we purposely left it out.
    As a standalone supplement ingredient for those at risk of deficiency, iron is beneficial – we offer advanced iron in its most well-tolerated and well-absorbed form: ferrous bisglycinate, Ferrochel®. However, when combined with other nutrients (like it is in a comprehensive multivitamin), iron’s chemically reactive nature can degrade and potentially destroy the other ingredients it’s mixed with.
    Here’s everything else we intentionally left out.

• Brain & Memory Power Boost •

“I got my DREAMS back!”

- Claire R., Verified Buyer

3 Reasons Why You’ll Love Zinc Bisglycinate Chelate3 Reasons Why You’ll Love Zinc Bisglycinate Chelate

3 Reasons Why You’ll Love Zinc Bisglycinate Chelate

  1. Easily absorbed: Zinc is much better absorbed and utilized when it’s chelated, or bonded, to the organic compound glycinate. A head-to head study found zinc bisglycinate chelate is more bioavailable than other zinc supplements, including zinc picolinate, zinc gluconate, and zinc oxide.
  2. Gentle on the stomach: Zinc bisglycinate chelate doesn’t cause upset stomach, GI issues, or nausea common to inorganic forms of zinc like zinc oxide.
  3. Clinically researched: Zinc bisglycinate chelate has been proven effective in human clinical trials, so you can feel confident it works.


“A really awesome quote from Dr, Amen about how awesome this product is.”

- Daniel G. Amen, MD 

Your Brain Needs ZincYour Brain Needs Zinc

Your Brain Needs Zinc

Why did we name this product Neuro Zinc? Because zinc is critical for optimal brain function!* In fact, zinc is more concentrated in the brain than in any other organ.

Not surprisingly, zinc levels tend to be low among people who experience mild memory problems associated with aging, as well as those who struggle with low mood.*

Fortunately, zinc supplements can help. Supplementing with zinc has been shown to help maintain cognitive function and improve mood.*

Clinically Researched BenefitsClinically Researched Benefits

Clinically Researched Benefits

As a company firmly rooted in science, we use only clinically researched ingredients that create real results. Here are some of the benefits of taking Neuro Zinc:

  • Positive mood and emotional balance*
  • Better cognitive function*
  • Enhanced immune response*
  • Antioxidant support*
  • Increased blood zinc levels
Frequently Asked Questions
Who can benefit from Neuro Zinc?
Practically everyone, including adults and children age 14 or older. Neuro Zinc is recommended for individuals seeking to improve their mood, immune readiness, and overall brain health.
How can I use this supplement?
We recommend adults take 1 capsule (supplying 25 mg of zinc) daily, with food. This product is not intended for children under age 14, because their upper safe limit is set below 25 mg per day. Users of this product should not exceed the Tolerable Upper Level (“UL”) for zinc, unless for a limited time and under physician supervision. The zinc UL developed by the U.S. government is 40 mg per day for age 19 years and older, and 34 mg per day for ages 14-18 years. If consumed at more than 50 mg per day for a period of weeks, zinc can begin to lower the body’s copper levels.
Can I use Neuro Zinc if I take iron?
Iron can compete with zinc for absorption, though only at relatively high intakes (above 38 mg per day). Users of this product should be careful to take supplemental iron only if they are tested and found deficient in iron, and only by itself and at least 2 hours away from Neuro Zinc or other supplements.
What makes Neuro Zinc different from other zinc products?
Neuro Zinc provides zinc as pure, authentic zinc bisglycinate chelate, a form known to be well absorbed, gentle on the digestive system (some zinc forms are not), and found effective in clinical trials.
Does Neuro Zinc contain allergens?
No. Neuro Zinc is free from dairy, glutens, sugar, corn, soy, nuts, eggs, yeast, and artificial colorings or flavorings. It is suitable for vegans, and compatible with keto or paleo dietary patterns.

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