Bright Minds Therapy Lamp


Safe and Effective Alternate Light Source

Light is essential for life and has a direct effect on how the brain and body function. The Bright Minds Therapy Lamp creates a suitable replacement for natural sunlight. This is especially crucial during the winter months when getting appropriate levels of vitamin D can be a challenge due to fewer hours of sunlight.

Known for their effectiveness in helping to alleviate winter blues or seasonal affective disorder (SAD), light therapy lamps have also been shown in research to help with focus, mood, energy and to promote healthier sleep.

What Is Bright Minds?

Bright Minds Therapy Lamp got its name from the Bright Minds program offered at Amen Clinics. Bright Minds is an acronym that identifies 11 risk factors that can steal your mind: 


B is for Blood Flow

R is for Retirement and Aging

I is for Inflammation

G is for Genetics 

H is for Head Trauma

T is for Toxins


M is for Mental Health

I is for Immunity and Infections

N is for Neurohormones

D is for Diabesity

S is for Sleep

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