Trials & Auto Delivery

This trial program offers users a 7-day trial package of Serotonin Mood Support. Unless you cancel by contacting BrainMD Health customer care in 14 days, via email at or phone at (888) 850-5287 M-F 6AM - 5PM PT, you will be enrolled into a monthly subscription program where you will receive a full monthly supply of Serotonin Mood Support, billed at $42.46 per month, plus tax where applicable, to the credit card on file. Users may contact BrainMD Health at any time to cancel their subscription. Additionally, BrainMD Health will notify users prior to the subscription upgrade and prior to processing any payments for your first Auto Delivery shipment. This offer is only valid in the U.S.

Auto Delivery subscriptions will be charged every 30 days to the credit card supplied at the time of enrollment. Upon payment processing a new shipment will be sent to the address supplied at time of enrollment. If a payment cannot be processed you will be contacted to provide new payment information prior to your next shipment being sent. It is the user’s responsibility to provide BrainMD Health current and accurate shipping and billing information, and to contact customer care to communicate any changes in this information. Users may pause or cancel subscription to Auto Delivery program at any time and for any reason by contacting BrainMD Health customer care via email at or phone at (888) 850-5287 M-F 6AM - 5PM PT. Subscription to Auto Delivery service guarantees product price for the lifetime of subscription. Pausing and/or cancelling membership may forfeit that price guarantee.