How to Refocus and Commit to Your Goals

6 Ways to Refocus and Commit to Your Goals

Now that we’re well into the year, how are you doing with your goals? Do you feel like you need to refocus and commit to your goals?

It’s natural for motivation to wane if you’ve been busy and haven’t had a chance to really focus on you. However, that doesn’t mean you have to ditch the goals you set for yourself earlier this year.

Depending on which one better suits your lifestyle, here are two ways to reset your focus and commit to your goals:

Cold Restart

Rather than gradually slipping back into your fitness routines, just dive in at full intensity and modify as you go. Give yourself the leeway to adjust routines to your busy schedule, but don’t misuse that freedom by easing up or giving up on your goals.

Realistic Redo

Despite your enthusiasm and good intentions, perhaps your goals were too ambitious from the start. Now that you’ve settled into the rhythms of your regular schedule, you should have a good idea of where you can squeeze in a walk, hike or workout. If you find that you have extra time in your day, you can certainly add new physical activities or intensify the current ones.

Though staying on track with consistent fitness is challenging in today’s fast-paced society, attaining health objectives is certainly possible. To optimize your ability to reach your goals, be intentional at setting yourself up for mind-body success.

If you need a little help getting motivated, here are 6 tips that can help you refocus on your health goals:

1.  Find a Fitness Buddy Commit to Your Fitness Goals

One of the best ways to achieve fitness goals is to exercise with a partner or in a group. Besides making a workout more fun and interactive, having a buddy to keep you accountable on days when you feel like slacking off can be a huge help. Plus, you’ll be less likely to hit the snooze button when your fitness friend is counting on you to join them at the gym or for a morning jog.

2.  Get Quality Sleep

Good sleep is essential for optimal brain and body health. Sleep is involved in rejuvenating all the cells in your body, giving brain cells a chance to repair themselves, and activating neuronal connections that might deteriorate from inactivity. Quality sleep can equip you with consistent, good energy. Getting the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep each night will give you more energy for workouts, outdoor activities or just enjoying your life.

3.  Increase Dopamine Naturally

Often called the “motivation molecule,” dopamine gives you the drive and focus you need to be productive. Unfortunately, many of the things that people do to maximize their focus and energy end up backfiring. Nicotine, caffeine, and sugar-laden, fat-filled treats are all very effective at raising dopamine levels. However, things that contribute to a quick spike in energy end up disrupting and decreasing the natural dopamine production process long-term. Increase your dopamine naturally by eating almonds, bananas, avocados, eggs, beans, fish, and chicken.

4.  Drink Green Tea Green Tea for Focus

Green tea contains high concentrations of powerful antioxidants called polyphenols. There are many health benefits associated with green tea such as reducing stress and promoting relaxation. In addition to aiding weight loss, boosting exercise ability, and helping muscles recover faster after a workout, green tea also fosters a healthy attention span.

5.  Give Yourself a Break

Many people equate taking breaks with wasting time, but research demonstrates that taking breaks actually improves your focus and efficiency. If you focus on a particular task for too long, your cognitive control system can begin to fail. By switching your attention to something else for a brief period, you can return to your original task with renewed focus.

6.  Take an Energizing Supplement

Every now and again, everyone feels tired or unfocused. BrainMD’s Focus and Energy was designed to prevent fatigue, promote mental sharpness, and preserve productivity. This supplement features a high potency green tea extract that intensifies oxygen and nutrient delivery to the brain. Focus and Energy consists of energizing herbs and three powerful plant adaptogens (Rhodiola, Ashwagandha, and ginseng) that reinforce the brain and body’s ability to fight fatigue and adapt to stress. It also contains choline, a vitamin-like nutrient that supports endurance and overall vigor.

If you’re looking for a natural energizer, Focus and Energy fortifies your body with specially selected nutrients that provide enhanced mental focus and sustained energy. And unlike the energy rush, you can get from your stimulant of choice (coffee, diet soda, caffeine pills), there’s no dramatic drop in mood and energy with this nutritional supplement. Focus and Energy is safe, natural and non-habit forming.

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In order to be successful in today’s world, you need a clear mind and sharp focus. At BrainMD, we’re dedicated to providing the highest purity nutrients to give you the focus and energy you need to do the things you love. For our full list of supplements, visit us at BrainMD.

P.S. If you’ve maintained your resolutions or goals from the beginning of the year, we at BrainMD applaud your dedication. Keep it up!


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As a person with a brain in, I am just wondering if these would be of benefits to me. I also suffer from epilepsy